Thursday, 10 November 2011

The reason Rome fell and the Students Demonstration.

If there was ever confirmation that the fight, the class war was continuing at an acceptable steady pace, and had I really wanted it, then yesterday’s magnificent demonstration of students in central London was definitely it, and of course better not forget the electricians, plumbers and engineers from across the country who joined a rally at Blackfriars in support of those building workers fighting the bosses who intend cutting wages whilst expecting to make and profit from their exploitation still’, or indeed the Cab drivers who caused tailbacks around Trafalgar Square after holding a "mass drive-in" to protest over licensing rules.

I myself was not able to make it in the end to the demonstration due to other commitments that had to preform that day, namely that I run a begging pitch in East London which helps to supplement my pittance of what they call ‘Job Seekers Allowance’ but more about that later in the week.

I have no real idea myself of what the actual numbers were of those taking part, but I think we can safely say up to 10,000 students were not intimidated or put off by the disgraceful threats made by the police of "aggressive and antagonistic" tactics after publicising that baton rounds were being held in reserve for the protest.

In comparison to last year’s demonstration the turnout was much smaller but nevertheless impressive, big and beautiful.

If there is anything, any one lesson that we should take from what we witnessed yesterday it is this; this government is volatile as it is capricious and unpredictable. Cameron may talk hard but he and his government are weak; the candle light of this coalition could be puffed–out at any time, and that comrades, is a sure thing. That is what the students demonstrated and confirmed to me at least, yesterday.

And of course if this government were to fall it wouldn’t happen because Labour in the House of Commons was leading the cavalry, which will never happen, in and amongst these distinguished parliamentarians of the ruling class, for one thing Labour would hate to hold a general election whilst the coffers are a bit thin in the bank at the moment.

On Saturday last I made my way along to the Socialist Party’s London reception for the Jarrow Marchers, it was great and well done to them and the youngsters who marched the whole 330 miles from the North East, demanding, jobs, education and a decent future! A lot of hard work and steadfastness commitment went into organising this and they should be applauded, but if there was one little regret that I had, then it would be that sadly they were unable to link-up with the Occupy movement and the comrades from St Paul's who had a much bigger turnout marching down The Strand and past the Socialist Party event being held in Trafalgar Square and as it was breaking-up due in part to the unfortunate fact that the Socialist Party had another event organised in London latter that day, but that’s not a crime and it was probably pre-arranged months ago before St Paul’s was even thought of by those now camping out.

I really do think that St Paul’s is part of a worldwide, all-inclusive class-based movement of people standing up against the oppression of corporate power, it may not be everything to everyone but it is a start, it is a part of that new movement that I wrote about on this blog last year, a new movement that has no leaders and is winning support not just across the movement and party lines but more importantly in the greater community as a whole, that’s why it’s still there and enjoying much support from all sections of British society.

The ruling class, Cameron and the government hate this occupation that’s why he keeps going on about them at every given opportunity he can, he would love to see the Rottweiler dogs of the TSG cops smash the heads of peaceful protesters whether they are members of the Socialist Party or from St Paul’s (#OcuppyLSX).

Some comrade or other on Twitter sent me this following tweet:

“The reason Rome fell wasn't they were conquered it was because the leaders got too greedy. The people rose up against them”.  

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