Monday, 21 November 2011


Sorry, that I have not been able to blog as much as I would have like during the last week; and rally, to be absolutely honest with you this is due to the fickle little fact that I had a falling-out with my mother; and over all things that of the Occupy Movement, which I found upsetting, and of course, made somewhat worse, because she is 75 young.

It seems very strange to have this generation difference of opinion at our time of life, and as I am myself almost 56, but then again this is indeed something that has been an issue ever since I decided that I was a Socialist many years ago now, and would do whatever I had to do, to be part of a movement that would bring change into this, the rotten world of capitalism.

I hold my contempt and abhorrence of the system that we are all forced to live under, with such passion, and yes, with such fury and with such intensity of “vehemence”. The sooner that we get rid of the hold that capitalism has on the world, could not be soon enough as far as I am concerned; it’s just a shame that along the road that one takes as an activist, that you have to fallout, as a consequence, with those you hold “close” and those you “love” indeed the most!”

Being a Socialist has a price tag that many a revolutionary will discover comes with the ideas and simple philosophies that we propagate; it’s not an easy path to take and the last thing that you intended was to take issue with family or friends, and it’s made much worse when you realise that they have been taken-in by the reactionary, backward-looking views put-out by the capitalist media, or that they somehow refuse to be freethinkers, instead they allow the print media or the BBC news to do the thinking for them. Sometimes I really do despair and feel the hurt when they try unintelligently to put you down and without recourse to facts. I feel and hate the ambiance of this situation, the hurt the emotion, the mountain that seems now even more the harder to climb; but you have to rise above it all, that’s part of the course, the passage that needs navigation, the tide, we need to turn back today and every day.

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