Wednesday, 16 November 2011

In Miliband's Doncaster 20,000 pensioners live in fuel poverty

In the UK 5.4 million households are currently living in fuel poverty and almost half of those are aged over 60. NEARLY 20,000 pensioners in Doncaster are living in fuel poverty, according to shocking new figures.

Figures also revealed around 88 more people aged over 65 died in Doncaster last winter than in any other season last year.

The findings show that around 80 per cent of these excess winter deaths were a result of circulatory or respiratory diseases, which are exacerbated by cold weather conditions.

As heating costs increase, campaigners are concerned that more elderly people will struggle to look after themselves this winter. In Surrey last year, 528 deaths were directly caused by winter weather with 39,414 households living in fuel poverty.

In case you didn't know Ed Miliband Leader of the Labour Party is a member of parliament for Doncaster – Is someone going to tell him?”  

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Chris H said...

You mean tell him where Doncaster is? Might be too much for him.

Norbert said...

Ha Ha comrade!"

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