Wednesday, 19 October 2011

On the Work Programme

Yesterday I got put on the Work Programme or rather I should say met for the first time my personal advisor, what an experience. The first thing he said to me is what can I do for you, which I found to be somewhat strange, or maybe it was a trick question trying to catch me out or something like that I am not really sure but I don’t like it.

The Work Programme and such schemes seem to be about getting into your mind-set, trying to change your frame of mind, trying to persuade you to lay bare and open up then prostitute, trull one’s self for capitalism and profit.

At my age, which is not young but not old either; life’s goals and ambitions have come and gone, my children have grown up and are doing their own thing, and now I am doing my own thing which I love with a real passion and have set a determined course – to make a real difference in the world to establish a truly socialist society and bring an end to the world run, owned and controlled by the blood sucking leaches who live by the profit and market dogma.

So what is the Work Programme, well I’m already on it (for 2 years) and around two and half million people are expected to be frogmarched onto the new Work Programme over the next five years, so Employment Minister Chris Grayling has said as the programme rolls out across the country, it came it to force in June. 

The Work Programme is the latest big landmark in the delivery of the Government’s radical welfare reforms. It is the biggest single payment by results employment programme ever introduced and replaces much of the existing back to work support on offer with a programme that is built around what is perceived as meeting the needs of individual jobseekers.

Ministers are clear that the Work Programme will tackle the human consequences of what they see as endemic worklessness. Welfare to work providers around the country will now address the needs of the long-term unemployed claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance and those on long-term sickness benefits who may need more intensive support to help them into sustained employment.

Seen as a boost to the Big Society, 508 voluntary sector groups including Mencap, the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, youth charity The Prince’s Trust and Action for Blind People will all be involved in delivering the Work Programme.

"The Work Programme will tackle the endemic worklessness that has blighted so many of the country’s communities for decades. It is revolutionary in the way it tailors support to jobseekers’ individual needs and pays organisations primarily for getting people into sustained employment. (Employment Minister Chris Grayling).

So what is the down side to this gentle persuasion then?

Minimum sanction (first) for refusal, lateness, or failure to “actively participate” is 3 months (13 weeks)

Maximum sanction stands at 6 months. It is also possible for a person to get two sanctions in one scheme (i.e. for lateness, failure to actively participate etc.) 

It is a standalone employment programme scheme that all JSA claimants may be subject to from Day 1 of their claim (no minimum entry)

A padding period of 2-3 weeks before a person who has previously completed the scheme could be placed back on it.

As I say I have been placed on it for two years, and I will make good use of reporting about the programme and my experience on this blog as I get into it, not that I opted for it you understand.

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Ian said...


How long does a person need to have been claiming JSA before being put on this work programme? Does it apply regardless of your age?

I'm just watching a TV programme now and it addresses some work programme for the long-term unemployed. I presume this must be the same one you've been put on.

It states that basic skills will be taught and "for many, in effect, this means going back to school".

For many? So not everyone gets taught these basic skills? So what happens to the others?

I'm not unemployed by the way, but am concerned in case I become unemployed in the future!

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