Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Miliband Reshuffle

So Labour leader Ed Miliband has performed a shadow cabinet reshuffle just a week after the finish of his party’s conference, with confidence and any buoyancy in the Leader of the Opposition beginning to trail behind the Tories and David Cameron.

I don’t think the media, the press like our Ed, and perhaps preferring, craving his brother instead, they may view David Milband as a save and safe pair of hands but younger Ed would do the same job for capitalism make no mistake about that.

MPs that only began office last year have now been inducted into the highest echelons of the party, with Rachel Reeves and Chuka Umunna, both tipped to be leadership hopefuls in the future, realizing new briefs as part of the shadow cabinet.

Not wishing to come over in any way as ageist, but if they get any younger, we will soon have school children running for office, then again many young people these days do have more savvy about them than their older peers, indeed many are shrewd and well informed.  But do our politicians and the establishment, the people who hold power and control the institutions in  society, are they now showing an unfair treatment of older people, treating older people in an unfair or insulting way, after all they tell us that we have to work till we drop.

I think that part of the answer is that establishment politics is so influenced by exposure to media dictate that it’s become more like a buttery of a beauty contest, where you must think of the image you project and what you look like on the ‘telly’, Cameron moved the parting of his hair and more recently Ed had a nose job, Blair ordered all his backbenches to remove all facial hair, men only of course.

However on a more serious note Michael Meacher has penned this on his blog about the Miliband reshuffle’.

“Ed Miliband, having won the right to secure a Shadow Cabinet entirely drawn from his own appointments, has now had the chance for the first time to show his political hand in his selections.   Surprisingly he has increased the proportion of Blairites from a third (under the previous system of election) to half. Since his own orientation is centre-Left, this has to be explained as placating a faction which remains very numerous (arguably a majority) within the PLP and is well organised and extremely well-funded. Lord Sainsbury, a strong supporter of the Blairite Tendency, stopped funding Labour when Ed Miliband won the leadership, and transferred his affections – and more importantly, his money – to the Blairite pressure group, Progress. It goes without saying of course that if the Left had carried out a similar manoeuvre, it would have been disallowed as running a party within a party and any Left equivalent of Progress would have been disbanded.”

You can read the rest of the article here, I think it’s quite interesting as well as showing how some Labour MPs like comrade Meacher have spent their time moving from left to right and right to left as their popularity raises then falls like the early morning dew, condensed on a cool surface overnight from water vapour in the air and despairs in the mid-morning sun.              
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Chris H said...

This whole concept of how people look is becoming a farce. We see it on the TV all the time with many of these reality shows and the ditching of older female news presenters.

It's nothing new though, remember how Foot was vilified in the press with his general appearance, especially the 'donkey jacket' at the Cenotaph?

Seen any pictures of Clem Attlee? His teeth were a bit uneven and I reckon today that the New Labour party wouldn't even let him deliver leaflets on a wet and windy evening as he doesn't embody the 'image' they believe they need to project.

Norbert said...

good points comrade, thank you!"

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