Monday, 31 October 2011

Jarrow Marchers arrive in London

The photograph above is indeed very dramatic, an activist holds up a crucifix as a barricade burns during the recent evictions from Dale Farm travellers' camp site. That one snapshot more than anyother brings it home, it is an illustration, an image of struggle and of war. Some will say that such a description is over the top and dramatic if not provocative, possibly rabble-rousing and even inflammatory. And do you know what, I don’t really care or give two hoots.

At the best of times I hate wars, I hate struggles and confrontations, but for all that still there is a war being waged in our so-called civilised society – it’s a class war.

The side that I am on has come about not through choice, but rather circumstance and birth, that’s the thing about this war’ you don’t pick the side you’re on, you are born into it and you grow up with it; of course a great many don’t realise it but that’s changing slowly, surely and unquestionably.

It’s as if people are beginning to awake from a long sleep, as if the penny has eventually dropped into the bottom of the box. Dale Farm, St Pauls, Public Sector Workers, Campaigns to Stop Cuts and Save Services, Students fighting the government’s education white paper and Workers fighting to halt pay cuts, such as the thousands of council workers across the country who are facing yet another onslaught and ambush of attacks on jobs, services, pay and conditions, or the construction workers who are fighting a 35 per-cent pay cut.

One hundred construction workers and supporters recently took part in a demonstration outside the Tate Modern in London, against the massive cuts in pay they are facing and their bosses are demanding. The industry is looking at a 35% pay cut for construction workers and has recently seen demonstration from Electricians, known as "Sparks" in and around London.

The UCATT General Secretary candidate, Michael Dooley, was there to give words of support and to lead the demonstration on a march that found them standing outside the Blackfriars construction site, which is being managed and run by large company, Balfour Beatty. Balfour Beatty one of the companies supporting the pay cuts and their workers are being asked to attend up and coming demonstrations being held in London, starting with November 9th national demonstration of students, this will link students, Occupy LSX at St Paul's Cathedral and Trade Unionist together; they make a very important connection as we move into the autumn, an autumn of resistance!

I can of course give chapter and verse of the attacks upon the living standards of working people, of the class war being waged against the poorest and most venerable in society, against the unemployed, the disabled, the young and the old in our unequal society of today, and with real, physical unfeigned psychological dogmatic vengeance.

In the weeks that lay ahead of us we have to take the opportunity to build bridges of unity to other sections of our class, we need like never before to support every campaign, every occupation, strike and initiative and class creativity that brings all the issues to the forefront of conciseness, which lights the fuse that further awakes the masses to new ideas and real possibilities.

On November the 5th, the Jarrow Marchers will arrive in London. They will have marched 330 miles from the North East, demanding, jobs, education and a decent future! Why not join the mass rally in central London that will greet them.

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