Monday, 17 October 2011

Fuel Poverty and profit margins of £125 a year from every household

Britain’s big energy companies are making profit margins of £125 a year from every household in the UK, up from just £15 in June, according to Ofgem, the energy regulator.

Today apparently Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary, has called the energy companies to an emergency summit in London, where he will tell them to help consumers save money. David Cameron, the Prime Minister, believes that the meeting should be used to "crack some heads together" and demand ways from the industry to cut bills, according to Government sources.

Well I don’t have to remind comrades, that this is the result of past denationalisations and privatisations by the Tories, the high price which we all pay for now.

The big six energy firms – British Gas, Scottish Power, Scottish & Southern Energy, EDF, Eon and Npower have been robbing us for years and with impunity, and nothing that Cameron will do will change that:

"A market that puts the consumer first and gets these energy bills down as much as possible."

Environmentalists warn that household energy bills could rise by £300 a year by 2020 if Britain continues to rely on fossil fuels to meet its energy needs.

Energy bill increases over the last few years’ show no sign of abating, as new research predicts the government’s green agenda will add another 25% to energy bills by 2015.

4.0 million Households in England were classified as being in fuel poverty in 2009 (18% of all households). This is three time the number of households that were in fuel poverty at the low point in 2003, and there have been increases in each year since 2003.

So far in 2011, energy tariffs have increased by an average of 20%, pushing up the average annual household bill to £1,293. 
This year, and this winter is going to be a very difficult one for many on low pay or benefits, already struggling with rising prices in the shops, the stark choose that many will be forced to make will be between buying food or paying for warmth this winter.   

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