Friday, 28 October 2011

Exposed: Media fabricated 'empty tents' story at OccupyLSX

I have not been to the occupation of St Paul’s as much as I would have liked in the two weeks since they set up camp outside this great Cathedral in the heart of the city of London’s financial centre as part of a world protest against the unfettered and unrestrained activities that plunged the world into crisis, that has thrown millions out of their homes or and employment and spread like a plague poverty and neediness want in one country after another.

Whatever we may think of this occupation there is one undeniable fact, and that goes for all the occupations, and that’s, they have highlighted to the populations of the world that we don’t have to just sit back and allow banks and other financial institutions to bleed us and society dry with sheer greed, complete and without restriction or qualification and backed up by elected and proven corrupted politicians in yet again, one country after another!

So today, the City of London Corporation and St Paul’s Cathedral have announced they will begin legal proceedings to evict the anti-capitalist protesters who have been camping in the heart of the capital’s financial district for the past fortnight. This has not come as any surprise; the powers that be have been clearly frustrated by the protest from the start, and with support within some quarters of the church have now been able to clear the way for eviction, having said that this may take months and to my mind can only harm the standing of the Church of England in the greater community.

Whilst I am still gathering my own thoughts on where the occupation goes from here, which I may blog about over the weekend I just wanted to promote the video below that disproves claims made in some newspapers this week that only 10 per cent of protesters were staying overnight. They the Occupy LSX, at St Paul's Cathedral have now made their own video in an attempt to prove that the thermal imaging software used to show their empty tents is flawed.          

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