Wednesday, 14 September 2011

nuclear unemployment

There are now 2.51 million people in the UK, that’s 7.9% according to the Office for National Statistics, and an increase nationally of 80,000. This is the biggest recorded increase this year, but what stands out like a sore-eye is the number of young people who's fate it is to be languishing with us older workers on the dole queue.

The Youth jobless rate went up from 78,000 to 973,000.  The number of people who are claiming their jobseeker’s allowance increased from 20,300 to 1.58 million during the month of August. The total number of people who have jobs went down by 69,000 and is now recorded at 29.17 million. 

According to Chris Grayling the Employment Minister or should that be Minister for Unemployment he said:

 “Clearly this is a very unwelcome set of figures. Any increase in unemployment is something we really don’t want to see happen. The data would reinvigorate the government’s determination to take steps to get the economy growing and create private sector jobs.” 

The government is now calling for the private sector to augment a part of the total number of lost jobs in the public sector that are the result of spending cuts that have been done in order to reduce the debts of the country, better known as austerity. 

For the second month in a row we have seen, nay experienced an increase and swelling of the unemployed rank and file frogmarched down to the local dole office. Of course the sacking of public sector workers has been a contributing factor here, but with so many now not having the spending power they once enjoyed and in the run up to Christmas; the already tightening of belts surly this can only exasperate an already worsening domestic consumer market, which will lead to more job losses as shops close and emptiness descends on the high street, it may even finish it off. 

I think that unemployment is about to go nuclear with the release of such a destructive energy, which will have all sorts of negative impacts on our society already spreading an impatience of frustration of which the recent riots were a manifestation, and only a fool would rule out the non-possibility of civil disobedience.

On this very subject I am still gathering my on thoughts, particularly as an unemployed worker and will be writing more in the next few days.  

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