Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Homelessness: it's now a crisis in middle-England

This piece is from Patrick Butler’s Guardian blog, and I think that its significance is important that I should promote it on The Socialist Way.  
Homelessness: not, generally, thought to be a pressing problem in the leafier parts of commuter belt south east England. That, however, is changing. Take Runnymede, a wealthy borough by the Thames in greenbelt Surrey. To its surprise, it is experiencing an explosion in families presenting to the council because they have nowhere to live.Back in 2007, Runnymede had just 19 homeless acceptances. This soared to 51 in 2009-10 as the recession took hold, stabilising at 49 last year. This financial year, however, homeless acceptances have accelerated: there were 32 in the first three months alone (compared with two in the same period in 2007). Even when you strip out of that statistic nine families made homeless as a result of a fire, the figure is the highest the council has had in the last four years.To continue reading the full article

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