Friday, 5 August 2011

Workers of the World - Unite!

The liquidity issues that are emanating out of Europe are extending around the world very quickly. I will not pretend, for I am not an economist or would I ever care to be one either. I try as best as I can to grasp the rudiments and simple ABCs of it; then inevitably I get board with it all. 

But you have to take some of the numbers in just to try and make sense of it all; a general conscious awareness is needed, especially when things are coming off the rails again market-wise in the world.The weakness in the European periphery is infecting the core, and America is up the creek without a pedal; that seems to be quite a concise and to the point annalist of the world situation developing today.

So together, the working class faces a determined foe - a parasitic financial elite whose only response to the crisis it has created is ever more draconian all out attacks on our living standard and social conditions, not just here but all around the world.The main stream political parties of this country, cannot make any decision of substance unless first ratified by the financial aristocracy.

Having spent the last three years throwing money at the gambling banks, they are now intent that working people will be made to pay the price for their mess. As the crisis of capitalism compounds and intensifies, the working class must now break decisively with New Labour and take up a new fight for socialism, this blog urges workers in or out of work to join with our young people and build a movement for revolution and bring an end to the world dictatorship of capitalism.     

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Chris H said...

I think there's a fair few challenges that your post raises.

First off, getting people to realise that they are 'working class'. Unfortunately the media has given that phrase some bad press. Working class = chav = idle git = irresponsible sponger = criminal and all that.

Secondly it's getting people to realise that when they look at themselves as an 'entrepreneur' or a 'businessman' or woman that it's actually bollocks,

I work in a large company, about 60,000 people world wide and it's a big battle against such corporate speak like 'selling yourself' and 'going the extra mile'. I see all these people striving and prostituting themselves, stepping on their fellow workers and expecting that one day they'll be 'among the top people'. It's crap. Few are going to get the top jobs and those that do are chosen long before through connections and suchlike. They're corporate sheep and God I wish they realised that.

Then you have the historic link with the Labour party. I think that the elite at the top of the Labour party gave up on the working class decades ago. They've always looked out for capitalism and nurturing the capitalist system for yonks. Same for most of the unions. I remember doing a course at my union head office back in the 80s. The course leader there was all chummy. But outside the course he'd blank me when he was with 'those at the top'. It was so obvious that he was playing the corporate game. His members weren't his priority, it was his career and his standing with his 'betters'.

And back to Labour, or 'New' Labour, in your post when you talk of New Labour do you mean New Labour or the Labour Party in general? It makes a big difference regarding direction for the working man and woman.

Finally, although we are in a crap economic system and paying for the luxury of those running the show I think that there's only so much they can tinker with before we see some serious breakdown in the economy. But with that comes such an opportunity to promote socialism. People are going to be mighty pissed once they realise that their sacrifice at the altar of austerity isn't going to get the gods to save the harvest.

1961arnie said...

stop worrying about the debt lets get people back to work instead

1961arnie said...

lets get people back to work the rest will work out

Robert said...

The world is simple living beyond it's means using debt as a method of paying for nice new aircraft for the president or a nice palace, charities spent £144 million building a nice new office bloke then plead poverty.

You have MP's and Police officer not getting enough wages they have to cheat expenses or take back handers and then people moan when the poorest revolt.

But hell it was my fault I own up to needing benefit because I'm in a wheelchair and I apologies

1961arnie said...

just hope we can work it all out

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