Thursday, 25 August 2011

Riot summit for social networks and we must be on our guard from this class attack.

The Home Secretary Theresa May, often reminds me of a dried-out old tea bag’, and that’s being nice to her, but I must admit not polite. Well I don’t think an apology will be forthcoming from this Blogger now or in the foreseeable future - she will just have to shut me down - but don’t speak too soon comrades.

Yesterday a court striped the anonymity away from that of a 16 year-old who admitted inciting rioting on Facebook. In an unprecedented move the court lifted reporting restrictions and the youngster was identified. This really is the giddy limit; and is said to be the first juvenile to have his anonymity annulled in a riot-related case, he is due to be sentenced next month. I just wonder dose the courts and the government realise what a fire they are stoking up here, by the handling of these young people in this fashion?”

Now with other fields of study in hand for today comrades, so this is intended to be a short and brief post just to raise some awareness to that fact, that it is increasingly becoming clear, that this government has every intention to strike out  what we have in the way of civil liberties. If anything the recent riots have given the 'old teabag May, and her class collaborators, associates and henchmen the perfectly formed excuse to shave away some-more of our limited freedoms; that condition of being free; the power to act, speak or think without externally imposed restraints.

There are many reasons for this that I can think of, but I am sure you can think of many more. But even if you are not a news junkie, you still would have noticed that your daily news has undergone a great transformation in resent years. Television broadcasts now include amateur videos, taken from video-sharing websites such as YouTube, covering events like the Arab spring or the Japanese tsunami which we are told through the medium of the establishment press was and is responsible for the great hike in our Gas and Electricity bills?”

So such amateurish videos, them shaky old hands on cameras and people’s unguarded reactions, have much greater ‘instantaneousness’  than than professional footage. Massages posted on Twitter, have been woven into coverage of these events and many more. Such man and women in the street wonderful accounts of real truth, of which you can craft a narrative around. 

The past year has also seen the rise to fame of WikLeaks, an organisation I am sure you know, who publish leaked documents supplied anonymously. Then there is my favourite front-runner Al Jazeera, the news agency based in Qatar who published the ‘Palestine Papers’, which lifted the lid on more than a decade of Israel-Palestine negotiations. And by broadcasting amateur videos of the Tanisian uprising to millions of satellite viewers across the Arab world, unlocked the door and played an active part along with thousands of Twitter users in spreading the protests. This channel more than any other has led the way in instigating and instigating social media into its operations in order to engage with its audience. 

And so I think I give you a little idea of what now bothers the world ruling class - information, news and knowledge, which as they do say ‘too much knowledge is a dangerous thing in the wrong hands’.

Traveling back home, I would like to draw your attention to a great website of localised informative news that I read and enjoy on a regular basis whenever I can, but then again I suppose you could say that I am biased and coloured by the great steel town of Scunthorpe, its not my fault to have had the good fortune in life to have been brought up in a place were the ‘heavens really do reflect the working classes labour’.

But on a serous acknowledgment; I am so impressed and indeed inspired by the work of cultivating citizen journalism which is the hallmark and distinctive characteristic of the Scunthorpe and North Lincionshire Community News Blog.  All I can say is visit it, and see what a great blueprint this could be for other Towns and Cities around the the UK, I promise you won’t be disappointed. In a few weeks time I will hopefully be going for a brake to Scotland and as I am currently reviewing blogs, it is my intention to save this one till then when I can write something special not just about the site but about the Town.

Well back to the task in hand then; today the ‘old teabag’ is having a meeting with Facebook and Twitter, who are reported to be preparing to stand firm against government ministers’ calls to ban people from social networks or even shut websites down in times of civil unrest. 

Let us be under no illusion about this situation we find ourselves in, a government that is hell bent on its austerity programme of slashing service right across the board, will not only rip the food out of our babies mouths and send millions to early graves, but thinks it can come down on descent by the incarceration of thousands if need be, such as our young. They know that in order to keep the mud ladened ship of capitalism afloat and filled with a great quantity of greed which has held back the human race thus far; they will have to stamp-out resistance; all of 27 years ago it was the enemy within; today we are all vilified as the enemy, and they see and know that knowledge is power and a liberating force that must be closed even extinguished by forceful means - that comrades is why they intend to attack the so-called freedom of speech.

We must be on our guard from this class attack.

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