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The Libyan desert what a mess and Syrians die on the streets

The subject of violence covers a very wide spectrum of social questions in capitalist society, which I do recall this blog has given much consideration to a fault in the past. Violence envelopes our lives and contaminates our environment. Should we be unfortunate it could ultimately cripple or destroy us.

The socialist takes the position that the nature of capitalism and the way it functions is the prime cause of violence. Violence is inseparable from all systems that are based upon private property and there is no adequate solution to this social evil within the framework of the present system.

Capitalism the system that we live under, by it very nature generates competition and insecurity that produces a variety of violent acts. Workers compete with each other for jobs and seniority; capitalists compete with each other for markets and the worlds resources; nations, on behalf of their respected ruling classes, compete with each other for trade and trade routes, spheres of influence, boundaries and territorial rights. All these circumstances, plus many more, related directly to private property issues, can and do result in violent conflicts, individual 'acts of personal aggression, murder, terrorism, and finally the ultimate horror of war.

There is as one can imagine, those who will always be prepared to champion the insanity of this system, and I came across one today whilst trying to get my head around America's debt ceiling crises. A Teabagger wrote on his blog:

"More fundamentally, we stand in defence of the greatest engine of material prosperity in human history, the fount of civilization, peace and modernity: Capitalism."

I have always been of the opinion and personal belief that in America is to be found some of the most fucked-up individuals to walk the earth. For those that don't know the Tea Party is an American populist political movement that is generally acknowledged and recognised as being conservative libertarian. It has sponsored some really large protests and supported political candidates since 2009. It endorses reduced government spending, opposition to taxation in varying degrees and a reduction of the national debt. Most noted figures include Republicans, Michele Bachmann, Dick Army, Ron Paul and of course the one and only Sarah Palin.  It is the Tea Party faction within the Republican Party who have been making life difficult for the Obama administration in passing and raising the US debt limit and thus avoiding default. And at this time of writing, Obama has just announced that Republican and Democrats have reached an agreement.

Now it was not my design to write about the Tea Party and the splits in the American ruling class, but some things are indeed unavoidable and cannot be skipped around, and as always we must keep in mind the greater or bigger the picture. However the recent news that I have found to be very concerning and disturbing is the  massacre and butchery of "One hundred civilians in Hama, Syria on Sunday just gone. Innocent people many young children like the picture of a young child (girl) being prepared and laid to rest which I have posted underneath.


Also on Sunday it was reported that clashes between rival factions of the so-called Libyan rebels had taken  place resulting in four killed. And let us not forget the the rebels have the full support of western capitalism in the form of supplied and delivered NATO bombing missions, and much vigorous patronage from the likes of our very own William Hague, the Tory Foreign Secretary, who is now insisting that five months of military action against Libya has been a success - despite Muammar Gaddafi remaining in power.

It's astonishing that Hague, can clam that the United Nations-backed air strikes have saved "many thousands of lives and stopped the destabilisation of Egypt and Tunisia. So a military junta dragging its feet towards elections and democracy in Egypt where still the army and police attack many daily is stabilisation. Hague, says that what has been done in Libya has been such a success that now he would like to see the achievement and end goal, the departure of Gaddafi. Last week the government officially recignised the Libyan rebels' National Transitional Council as the country's legitimate government, inviting its representatives to move into the Libyan Embassy here in London.

It still amazes me really, to think that people are smarter than the people placed in charge. We all knew deep down what exactly the aims of the US/UK and France were in the establishment of at first, a no fly zone over Libya. Just an excuse to pound the living daylights out of the place, the real objective, and greedy western eye was always on that black gold and contrary to what we were being told about the protection of civilians.

It's all about oil; high in oil revenues and a small population give Libya one of the highest GDP per capita in Africa which has allowed the Libyan state to provide an extensive level of social security, particularly in the provision of housing and education, so its not all bad.

What is happening in Libya is not a peoples revolution, it is a counter revolution planed in the west. After the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions, it became clear to the west, that a Libya with Gaddafi in place, would complete a triangle that is economically and politically independent from the octopuses tentacles. Just image a population of over nearly 100 million, economically rich, politically strong and supported by the educated masses of the young. It has the resources needed to help and develop the Arab Spring to grow and dare I say it, bring about a fundamental change to the point were corrupt dictators would be swept aside, were the  west would have to accept that the entity of economic greed of the few in the Arab world, are no-longer there to feed the economic greed of western capitalism.

Just one last point; the killing of Abdel-Fattah Younis, in what seems to be murky circumstances, is indeed a massive blow for the US, Britain and France and any other countries backing the under-trained and divided opposition of the so-called rebels, I expect that it is now possible that the west could end-up with nothing gained from what would have been a very expensive war in these time of austerity.

William Hague, has in the case of Syria, now called for "stronger international pressure" if you please, to be exerted on the country and the regime following the brutal attack by the forces of President Bashar, and today a renewed onslaught.

I can't  help thinking if only Syria was oil rich like Libya - it really makes the difference, between life and death, and on a much bigger scale to what was being propagated as the lame-duck excuse for intervention in Libya.         
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