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Lacerated blogged and graced cyberspace

So continuing on my blog journey of blog reviews, and today I take a look at some of the promising younger generation to have lacerated and (not the right word I don’t think, but sounds good) graced cyberspace.

Starting with my good comrade and friend Mark of ‘the way I see things blog’. At the time of writing this post. Mark had been explaining to his many readers about his deciphering and interpretation of the classic George Orwell book 1984, of which, and I didn't know that the novel was banned in America, them Americans are indeed crazy, and I don't mean all just the top heavy layer. I personally find Orwell somewhat depressing myself, probably because the first Orwell books I ever read were ‘The Road to Wigan Pier’ and his autobiographical documentary ‘Down and Out in Paris and London’ left me with the impression that for many life is very gray and hard beyond belief, and so it still is.

Mark says that; the 1984 book was credited with predictions of what is possible and what may have now arrived, well I for one am beginning to believe. 

Well in general this blog is always worth a read, when the comrade writes his own stuff, he promotes a lot of Socialist Party material and too much I think at times, but then again he is a member and everybody to their own. The comrade is hardworking and sincere, open and genuine, despite his love of capitalist football which is nothing more than a joke on my part, a bit of a cruel tease, sorry comrade and keep up the great work!” 

The hazellcottrel blog is a relatively new addition to my roll, she is not really a heavy politically orientated blogger, but writes exquisitely about life, and I very much enjoy the read. However this is not a blog who’s contents and posts that always find agreement with me, but having said that nevertheless I still like to have a read of it from time to time. I think where we live and what our circumstances and experiences are do have a great deal with how we see the world around us and Hazel lives in Hartford, Cambridgeshire which seems like many light years away from my own inner-city manor of Canning Town.

In a recent posting Hazel rote the following: 

"Watching the news last night I saw a situation I never thought I would see, and worryingly, it is in the UK, our news is usually covered with what is going on abroad – war zone areas, poverty, natural disasters. But now, now the UK is on the news and it’s horrendous to watch it.
I could run through the news and tell you everything that is going on, but that would be pointless, so instead I will show you some stories that have stuck out for me:Lady stands against Rioters People come out with cleaning equipment in Peckham to help local businesses clean up after the riots@RiotCleanUp is a new account on twitter and is helping people clean up after Riots, and telling others how they can help!These are stories that show there are still nice Human Beings out there, yes – there are some idiots rioting and such like, jumping on the band-wagon for something to do, but what will this really achieve?So well done to all the people trying to do good through this awful time, I saw this status on Facebook;“message to all the rioters ………. . u wanna be big men and fight to the death , well get your sorry little arses on the next plane to Afghanistan n and stand alongside real men , they’re called soldiers and they are fighting a war unlike you bunch of pathetic wastes of space ……. COPY AND PASTE EVERYONE !!”Granted, it’s written in Textspeak (which I hate) but it gets the point across does it not?I would also like to take the chance to say that I think the police are doing an amazing job and really risking their lives for us, the innocent citizens!"

Well what can I say comrades?

First is this, I am not involved in politics to do politics, I leave that to the politicians, who do a great job on people like Hazel, and with the help of the media filling their heads with much rubbish. 

I found the suggestion or rather the message to rioters 'to be big men and go and fight in Afghanistan' a bit over the top really, and what should we do for the under age juvenile person and young women - got it and I know, they could be used as human shields or to help clearing mine fields.

One other thing that I should mention is its no hidden secret, that right wing fascists have been behind many of the so-called @Riotcleanup groups in London, and I am not saying this about this particular group, but you never know who is involved and what their real motives are when we have a Prime Minister encouraging people to be swept up in his right wing knee-jerk reactions.

Last night London was put on Riot Alert after two petrol bombs were thrown at police cars in North London, and of course this weekend we have the Notting Hill Carnival, lets all hope that the event is a peaceful success and trouble free. 

In conclusion I will continue to follow Hazel on her blog because its always a good idea to be familiarised with the other side of the argument that takes a hold of many people who for whatever the reason can’t think outside of the box, and I hope I can say that without causing any offence to Hazel and others.

Good luck with your dreams and cyberwriting!    

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