Monday, 15 August 2011

Don't mourn organise!"

Last weeks emergency debate in the parliament, recalled in emergency session following the discharge of anger of youth riots earlier in the week, was nothing more than a pathetic display, of a political class intent on remaining out of touch with the real realty of the majority they ‘misgovern’.

What a sceptical of those Westminster looters who have railroaded,  ram-raided and continue to do so, the so-called coffers of the state, keeping themselves in the lifestyle they have become accustomed to whilst we the great majority limp along forced to pay for the higher utility bills that drop through the door with impunity, and indeed that of the general escalating and never ending rising costs of living. 

What an insult to the working class people of Tottenham that their MP David Lammy, could have, and did claim £173,922 in expenses last year, which was more than any other MP. In the year 2004, he looted and bagged £12,041 in expenses for a second home in South London, despite the fact that his main home was only a thirty minute tube journey from Parliament.

Be under no sleight of hand from this Westminster gang, the riots that swept across large parts of London and other cities and towns of England are the direct product of the vast growth in poverty, deprivation and police brutality faced daily by many working class youths.

In my own locality of Canning Town, East London, there exists real grinding poverty, high unemployment and a large abandoning of young people, with no real prospects of hope or escape to a better future to accomplish and reach one’s goal in life whatever that may be. These young people see, feel and experience the world of struggle around them; their parents trying as they do, to bring up family, pay the bills and put food on the table. In this part of the East End young and middle aged men walk up and down the Barking Road on what they call a butt or bum run looking for discarded cigarettes so as to enjoy and feed the unhealthy habit of nicotine addiction; and yes like anywhere else we have our problems with addiction's.

I think that people do dream of escape, and many turn to giving it a chance at the local turf accountant, well really we have more than one, in a small parade of shops on the Barking Road near where I live I counted a quadruplet of them. Iceland supermarket store does a good trade providing the cheep frozen line of food to the local inhabitants of the Town, and they are not spoilt for choice, we have three of them. Other than the local co-op and charity shops with expensive clothing, every other shop is a fast food outlet serving that unhealthy fried fast-food counter and, snack bar type, not recommended by a nutrition expert, but if you're a mum with a young family to feed - well do you see what I mean, low incomes and no such things as fresh vegetables, they are expensive and Iceland’s must make a good profit at this the lower end of the retail food market, and in the evenings people queuing to go down the bins for the out of date food.

Whilst I talk of the shops, I would like to highlight the many micro-markets we have, and who was it that said that Britain was a nation of shopkeepers, I think it was attributed to Napoleon (L’Angleeterre est une nation de boutiqueirs.)  But it may have been first used by Adam Smith “ a nation that is governed by shopkeepers.” So if you had been listening to Cameron and Co, in the recalled session of Parliament to discuss the riots you would have witnessed or noticed the many reference's to the small shopkeeper, and of course many did came in for unwarranted looting and violent attack, but at the same time this needs to be even handed criticism, these shops distribute many goods and products for large companies and multi-nationals, and in my area for the top dollar; they increasingly sell alcohol, that’s the cheep alcoholic beverage, and when we think of addiction think alcohol’ still the number one killer in Britain. Canning Town is awash with such shops, one near me employs workers paid under the minimum wage, and yet such shopkeepers are painted by the likes of Cameron as fundamental pillars of the community when they are anything but; when rioting was taking place and and fellow shopkeepers were under attack in another parts of Canning Town last Tuesday, what use to be the ‘Costcutter shop was selling alcohol to youths passing by on bicycles.

Today both Cameron and Miliband have made their big speeches about the riots, both are totally out of touch with realty, understandably Cameron will advocate a repressive ruling class doctrine of class oppression on working people, whilst Miliband runs up the Labour flag of we can run capitalism better than you. 
Cameron said that the rioting was largely about “pure criminality”, about people with a twisted moral code. 
Only last Thursday, Prime Minister David Cameron stood before an emergency recalled parliament to insist that the riots were in no way connected to Mark Duggan’s shooting. Rather, his killing was “used as an excuse by opportunist thugs in gangs” to carry out “criminality.”

Cameron’s claims were reiterated by Labour leader Ed Miliband and representatives from all the major parties. The only issue was “criminality” and “immorality,” they agreed in unison, as they sanctioned mass police repression.

The events of the last week are indeed shocking, so is the clampdown and criminalisation of our young generation, which should be rejected as any sort of a solution. First students are attack and now months latter inner-city young people have exploded onto the streets in anger, the class war has taken a turn for the worst and it is now imperative that Socialists and trade unionists get amongst the young and bring education and organisation. 

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Robert said...

The gates are now open for the government to clamp down on everyone, this was not a riot because people are poor most of the people are from good homes what ever that means in Tory and Labour speak.

But sadly the public have turned agaisnt the poor something we have not seen before, but sadly now it's open day

Norbert said...

As always Robert,

Thanks for your comment. My understanding is that most come from inner-city depressed and flattened downward areas, like here in the East End of London, child poverty and high rates of unemployment predominate.

These are factors in all this!"

Robert said...

Riots tend to not look to much at what they are doing, it tends to be well a riot you attack anything and everything.

Sadly this riot will not help poverty or jobs it will now give the government a mandate to attack the poorest even harder.

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