Tuesday, 2 August 2011

'commedia dell'arte'

The stand-up comic and pie thrower Jonathan May-Bowles, was jailed this afternoon for six weeks; you will recall that May-Bowles became famous a few weeks back when he threw a plate of shaving foam (for god's shake) at News Corporation Boss Rupert Murdoch.

I am under the impression that May-Bowers, in all honesty, did't quite expect a custodial sentence for what was really a prank which was delivered to a real villain, and without question Rupert Murdoch is a wicked and evil person. 

I think that there are many of us who would applaud this young man's very humble, 'commedia dell'arte' but harmless act of protestation, and it has to be said a peaceful protest at the House of Commons, Media and Sport's Committee hearing into the phone hacking scandal. 

At the City of Westminster Magistrates' court, District Judge Daphne Whickham (stipendiary magistrate)  told May-Bowers that he had upset the dignity and civilised procedure of the commons in Portcullis House.

Now District Judge Daphne Whickham is no stranger to news and controversy, she cleared Sgt. Delroy Smellie of the illustrious territorial support group (TSG), and allegedly a top-level trained unit of the Metropolitan Police. Smelle hit by striking Nicola Fisher with his metal baton on a connected G20 protest in 2009.

Judge Wickham watched video footage of the said incident at trial and along with numerous photographic exhibits that clearly established common assault; the case heard without a jury, and yet this thug walked free. 
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