Thursday, 11 August 2011

Cameron's answer to rioting - more class war

After three consecutive nights of rioting on the streets of Britain's major cities; and only now as I think about it, an atmospheric state of depression descends; the volcanic like violence flowing onto the streets, of a young generation poring out like the escaping lava flows, fills me and indeed I would say many people, with a disproving annoyance and frustration that the youth have chosen to to vent their anger, their  disappointment in such a way, towards a system which we should be under no misapprehension, has failed and in general set about them. This has to be the most terrible of times’ to be young in modern rich capitalist Britain. The young have and are being made to pay for an the economic crises they never created, whether it be high unemployment, education cuts or the withdrawing of front-line youth support services, they pay and they pay dearly. Any downward pressure is sooner or latter, constipated and choked-up, will explode and break loose and in this case without respect and with rage.Teenagers caught up in the riots have told Sky News about the reasons for the trouble. They say there is widespread anger among young people over problems getting work and the cost of living.   

The riots were sparked off by the killing of 29-year-old Mark Duggan of Tottenham and by an officer of the specialist Firearms Command last Thursday evening. The catalyst a peaceful protest by Duggan’s family and supporters on Saturday which was brutally attacked by the riot para-military police of the Met’s TSG squad of trained thugs and sociopaths, one of London’s most notorious gangs, they lit the fuse sparking a wave of unrest around the country by our young.

The prime minister has said that he expected anyone convicted of violent disorder to go to prison, this you understand will not include any police offices, as we know they get a special dispensation, an exemption from the rule of the so-called law. 

More than a 1,000 people have been arrested and are being marched at high speed through the courts in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol and Leicester.  

In Cheshire the police arrested people for allegedly inciting public disorder through the use of social media sites, and a 20-year old women has been charged after allegedly posting a Facebook invite to a “riot” in Wakefield.

The response of Cameron and the government has been to declare a ‘class war’ on the young people of this country, whilst the Labour Party and its Leader Miliband have shown a complete and possibly deliberate disregard for the underlining issues of all these riots and will know doubt support Cameron and his get tough stance, some members of the Labour Party have sadly been calling for the use of water canon on the streets including Ken Livingston

What is very clear is that the long-simmering discontent over worsening conditions and police brutality is completely passed over by the establishment political parties and the media. The Labour MP Tom Watson - a key figure in the Murdoch bowling alley of a parliamentary select committee looking into amongst other things the bribery of police offices - called for the use of the army, calling on Twitter he demanded the canceling of police leave and army logistical support for emergency services. 
And then there was the deputation of Labour MPs from London who went to the home Office on Wednesday to demand a “moratorium on plans to reduce numbers in the Metropolitan police - they really don’t have a clue!” 

Even before the general election last year, Nick Clegg now deputy Prime Minister warned of “serious social strife” now his party are in government with the Tories, imposing massive austerity cuts and demanding authoritarian measures to implement them. 

Those charged thus far include youth, workers, the unemployed and university graduates - refuting the hysterical claims of the media and political establishment that those involved are simply a “criminal underclass” bent on destruction.

We now await today's re-called parliamentary debate, and the one thing I am sure of; there will be not a soul in that grand old House of Commons to put the views of young people - so who will speck-up for our young people? 


EddieL said...

Don't forget the lack of "moral compass". For thousands of years people saw themselves as having the right to the truth, life and ownership of property.
But now we have a super-wealthy elite who own the "media" and the poiticians telling us the most blatent lies expecting us to believe them while they travel the world creating poverty in order to make themselves richer.

Robert said...

I can just about rember the war torn cites of the UK the food shortage the non event of having a packet of sweets my mother made sweets since we lived on a farm and she was a great cook.

But I saw Swansea in ruins, so we did not riot because we saw the country being rebuilt. But now all we see are those pesky poor squeezed middle class labour are so in love with.

Norbert said...

Thanks for your comment comrade which speaks for itself.

Robert said...

Bit tongue in cheek, but the problem we have right now the world is in trouble the EU is in deep trouble all caused in the main by countries wanting more, more of everything, more money better lives without paying for it, we have been living on borrowed time and borrowed money.

Chris H said...

The concept of the social contract where the establishment provided for the people as the people had provided their sons and daughters to fight and die in the wars is over. The tories have decided that the rich and influential have paid enough. From now on it's every man for himself.

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