Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Andy Hayman?"

For the life of me I just could not resist putting up this YouTube clip of retired police officer Andy Hayman giving evidence at today's Home Affairs Select Committee; a very questionable copper is Andy in my considered opinion, of course first opinions don’t amount to anything really, but in regard to this ex-assistant commissioner for specialist operations there is most definitely a question mark and beyond doubt.

I like the way Simon Hoggart, in the Guardian described Hayman’s performance today: “The star of the marathon committee session on phone hacking was undoubtedly Andy Hayman, the then top copper who was in charge of the first inquiry that led nowhere.

He must be given his own sitcom, a blend of Life On Mars and Minder, starring Hayman as Del Boy. One of the MPs called him "a dodgy geezer" to his face. Put it this way: I wouldn't let him sell me a cheap Rolex, if I wanted to know the time.”

Hayman was in charge of the inquiry into the News of the World phone hacking affair originally. In April 2010 he left the Metropolitan police to work for can you believe it News International as a columnist. Along with former Commissioner Sir Ian Blair, Hayman was criticised by the press and the Independent Police Complaints Commission over the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes at Stockwell Underground station on the 22 July 2005.

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