Thursday, 21 July 2011

All three political parties remain deeply and irretrievably embroiled in corrupt and criminal practices

The appearance of Rupert Murdoch, the chairman and CEO of News Corporation, and his son James Murdoch, its deputy chief operating officer, before the British Parliament’s Culture, Media and Sports Select Committee was a piece of well-engineered political theatre on their part, and if ever there were such an embodiment of well executed real exhibitionism, every bit intended as a mild and accomplished, attention-getting behaviour, intended to attract attention, helping to discombobulate' and cast a more favourably endearing family image of 'Murdoch's the family business, then this was it.    

As with Rebekah Brooks, the former chief executive of News International, News Corp’s UK arm, who was questioned afterwards, the Murdochs knew beforehand that there was no danger of them being asked probing questions, let alone suffering any legal consequences from their testimony.

Far from it in anyway being the reassertion, of the authority of Parliament and the bringing of Murdoch to account, the event took on the character of a PR exercise for News Corp.

And I think now looking back on it all, the Murdoch's played it very well indeed, an old man making the most  of it and playing upon his age, whilst a loyal helpful and accommodating son in James, is what  struck me as the whole event started to rock and roll  -"It is our intention to put these things right, to make sure they don't happen again, vocalised young James, as his dad timely delivered - "This is the most humble day of my life."

Then the whole sham, the deceitful and counterfeit pretence of it all. One would never have known by the committee's complaisance, that the three luminaries accompanied by wife's friends' and supporters, were appearing to answer questions relating not only to the News of the World's phone hacking, but to commercial bribery, corruption and blackmail of police officers, public officials and leading politicians by the Murdoch's media empire. I think that the serious-mindedness of the situation was provided when the pre-arranged clown was able to preform his party piece!"

For the British ruling elite, Prime Minister Cameron's speech to a specially convened session of parliament was a critical moment. The decision to hold the special session was dictated by demands that Cameron respond to Tuesday's appearance of the uninformative three-ring circus. 

On the same day another select committee questioned former Metropolitan Police commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson and his deputy, John Yates. The two having resigned over ties to employees of News International, and in particular their failure to properly investigate phone hacking and police corruption since it broke in 2005.

The evidence at hand or rather in the public domain points to the fundamental reason why the two select committees are nothing more than a cover for the refusal to conduct a serious investigation that would bring the guilty to book. This will never happen whilst it simply remains that all three political parties remain deeply and irretrievably embroiled in the corrupt and criminal practices of News International. Seumas Milne's article in the Guardian raises some good points and tells it how it really is I recommend it. Murdoch: This scandal has exposed the scale of elite corruption 
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