Thursday, 23 June 2011

PCS update

This is the latest update sent to me today from the PCS trade union and whilst I am still working on a new post’, thought it a good idea to cut, paste and post the latest information for the benefit of all comrades intending to support the strike on Thursday next.

On Thursday 30 June around 250,000 PCS members will go on strike in defence of their pensions, jobs and pay.

PCS members are striking to protest at the government's slash and burn approach to tackling the budget deficit which will see vital public services being axed, hundreds of thousands of public sector workers thrown out of work, and those that remain having their pay frozen and their pensions cut.

On the same day workers in the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, National Union of Teachers, and University and College Union will strike over attacks on their pensions. Even if you are not a member of any of these unions, you can still show your support by attending one of the many rallies, marches and picnics being organised across the country for 30 June in support of the strike.

Striking for the alternative – 30 June

PCS members have voted by a clear majority in favour of strike action on 30 June in the dispute over pensions, pay and job cuts. Check out our new video on the action and why it’s so important that we take a stand:
If you haven’t already done so, you can see how much you stand to lose with the government’s plans by using our pension’s calculator: See how much you could lose and then ask yourself, can you afford not to strike?
For all the latest strike news and resources:

Reinstate the Liverpool 14

PCS are campaigning for the reinstatement of 14 staff at the Liverpool Passport Office who have been dismissed without notice.
Many of the sacked workers are young people who will find it difficult to find alternative employment at a time of high youth unemployment.
Please email your local MP and ask them to support the campaign:

Tax justice

PCS members are playing a leading role in the fight for tax justice. Our message is clear – a properly resourced, fair tax system will support quality public services and go a long way to eradicating poverty.

PCS’s new tax havens report – written by Richard Murphy – and also supported by War on Want – will be launched at a parliamentary reception on 12 July at the House of Commons. Tax justice remains high on the campaigning front – with PCS joining forces with organisations like UK Uncut and our members taking part in some of the very creative activities going on in high street banks and shops.

Find out the latest on our campaign:

PCS Proud

PCS Proud, the equality group representing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) members within PCS is looking for people to show solidarity with PCS LGBT members. Pride events celebrate all our diversities. They are also lively, public demonstrations of trade unionists, communities and individuals, standing together to counter discrimination in all its forms, working together in a united, positive way.

March with us or volunteer on PROUD’s stall especially at Pride London on 2 July. For information about this and other Pride events email or call 020 7801 2683.

Find out more about Proud at:

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