Thursday, 16 June 2011

There is no such thing as Society

I never really quite know, what to make of those monthly totals, and of the unemployment count here in Britain - they say one thing; but it very much feels different down on the ground floor amongst the pigeons. That’s not the best of descriptions to thrust upon those unfortunates, the blameless but lambasted, often bawled out and dressed down by the circus of our leading politicians; and on Tuesday none other than the leader of Her Majesty's Opposition was dishing it out. Now Ed Miliband, may have his own family problems (laugh softly), but that isn't an excuse to hold responsible, and talk, lecture on about responsibilities, to those of us who are currently without gainful employment, whatever that is these days - working for a wage then!”

Unemployment in the United Kingdom is reported to have plunged by its largest quarterly decrease in 11 years by 88,000 to 2.43 million; and the unemployment rate dropped to 7.7 percent for the three months ending in April, versus the 7.9 percent rate for the previous quarter
Down at the local Jobcentre, its packed to the rafters with those desperately trying to get out and off the brew and into work of some description, even people are now grabbing part-time work ( a record high of 1.21 million)' so bad it is that people want to escape to these relatively insignificant positions from which future progress might be made if you are lucky, and away from the rigorous governments regime presently under the command of Iain Duncan Smith, but set in motion - least we not forget by New Labour.

And as the welfare reform bill becomes law, some people already poor will become that much poorer, because they are driving people into low paid slavery and on bended knee, crawling and dragging the body until it drops, Another relatively insignificant position from which future progress might be made; its shall and will be done, all in the name of profit; and as the years of executable work gets longer and longer, a sharp step backwards is made.

I'm not going to go on about young people unable to find let alone secure a toehold on the employment ladder, which more often than not if they are lucky at a supermarket shelf-stacking or serving up at MacDonald's. Youth numbers therefore only underline just how far the economy is from delivering sustainable employment for young people, the fall in unemployment amongst the young can be accounted for an increase in education participation, but a sense of worthlessness must remain high for those not in full-time education, and with the governments interventions aimed at keeping young people in education being cut such as the Education Maintenance Allowance will have a detrimental effect on these figures over the coming months; and as the education year draws to a close - expect to see a massive jump in youth unemployment.

I well remember back in the late 70s people talking about not ever having full employment again, but the truth is we have never had full employment, there has always been a residual pool of unemployed workers, this has always been suitable to the system of capital and profit making pursuits. Keeping overheads and running cost down, setting worker against worker in competitive and for the many distressing circumstances.

DAVID CAMERON of course ruled out another U-turn last night, showing total and utter contempt for working people over benefit cuts that Labour warned would take £94 a week from thousands of cancer victims.

The Prime Minister under fire (makes a change) from Labour in the Commons over the plans to means-test sickness benefit after 12 months and withdraw it from any claimant whose spouse or partner earns £150 a week.

What did Margaret Thatcher say in Woman's Own in 1987 - is this the picture of the Big Society to come?”

“There is no such thing as Society. There are individual men and women, and there are families. And no government can do anything except through people, and people must look after themselves. It’s our duty to look after ourselves and then to look after our neighbours.”   

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