Friday, 10 June 2011

Support Obama Still Rings in my Ear's!"

Yemen is a poor, deeply divided country that has been in turmoil since January 2011, when the explosive example of the Tunisian revolution set off mass demonstrations against President Ali Abdillah Saleh. The President has ruled Yemen for 33 years before his control was threatened and challenged by these mass protests which in all honesty should be welcomed by socialists everywhere. 
But as Yemen slipped from political crisis into bloody civil conflict in May, Mr. Saleh’s evasions to democracy became obvious - three times, he promised to sign an agreement to transfer power in the face of vast street protests, only to back out at the last minute for reasons that seem so trivial - well not really, his idea has always been to retain power like a great many nasty authoritarians that have recently been exposed to the world.
At first, many of his opponents suspected that he was playing for time, in the hope that he would figure out a way of defusing the situation. Then bloody battles broke out, observers wondered if his goal were to promote chaos in the desire that it would lead his backers the United States and Saudi Arabia to lend him support.
The conflict quickly spiraling to the verge of civil war, and on June 3 the President was wounded in an attack on the presidential palace that killed three guards and a cleric. Although the wounds were initially reported as minor, Saleh went off to Saudi Arabia for treatment. As one can only imagine protesters rejoiced, but the situation grew even more confused when statements by Saleh's aides advised that he would return to the country within days were contradicted by news reports that he had suffered very serious first degree burns that would take months of treatment.

After the death of several protesters at the first demonstrations which has led to an outpouring of public anger, Saleh pledged that he would not crack down on protests, but then did so repeatedly.Now we read and hear a great deal about the so-called ‘war on terror’ always being promoted at every given opportunity through their many outlets of the world media; where world leaders such as Obama and Cameron and others paint a deliberate distorted visual representation of fact, as they have always done. So it is no surprise that the Obama administration has intensified disgracefully an American covert war in Yemen exploiting the growing power vacuum in the country to striking at alleged militant suspects with armed drones and fighter jets
The United States intelligence officials call unmanned aerial vehicles, and often referred to them as drones, their most effective weapon they say against Al Qaeda but they have killed many hundreds of civilians including children. The remotely piloted planes are used to transmit live video from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan to American forces, and to carry out air strikes. More C.I.A. drone attacks have been conducted under President Obama than under President George W. Bush - which really says a lot about Obama, and still the support and calls of some on the left during his said election campaign for the presidency still ring in my ear’s!”

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