Monday, 6 June 2011

Nothing lasts for ever!"

Well comrades, this here is a new computer (what I’m using) bought by my mother; as on Saturday my old one packed up on me, sad really as we had became over the years quite good friends. We had our moments I do suppose, when things didn't run as they ought too have, and I did at times lose my temper blasphemed and cursed like a drunken man in the street.

And as I break  this new computer in then, it is only now that I realise, just what a great computer the old one ‘she’ really was, and what do they say about a workman who blames his tools?”

Nothing last for ever were the parting words a former girlfriend once splattered-out as we went our separate ways many years ago now - how true is that.

Capitalism is “an economic system in which the means of production are privately owned, concentrated in private hands and of course operated for profit. Because Capitalism’s goal is profit, it creates a great many hindrances to many things.

Products are purposefully built to make products that don't last. If products lasted a significant amount of time, this would be a detriment to companies who seek to profit from customers who keep coming back and repeatedly buying their perishable products.

Capitalism breeds a demand for more labour rather than efficiency and less labour. We have the production ability to have many processes machine-driven , but because of Capitalism, workers have to do useless, inefficient jobs that could be if you like  automated giving workers more time off to do other things like spending more time with their families.
Cancer research teams are discouraged to find a cure for cancer because if they find the cure, they lose their job and their means of income, aka profit. So long as the search for a cancer cure exists, there will be a need for a cancer research team and the capitalists will continue to rob and cheat on  us, whist rubbing their hands in glee.

Pharmaceutical companies seek profit, not your health, and thus don't provide products that actually better your health, but rather act as a bandaid so that you keep coming back for more to keep purchasing their pharmaceutical products. In fact, there are cases where there are natural remedies which actually heal health problems, but because they're natural, pharmaceutical companies can't patent it and thus won't provide it unless they try to artificially create a chemical which mimics it in order to patent the natural remedy and thus make a profit off a less efficient product.

Owners of companies leech off the workers who actually create the business enterprise value. The Owners make and take the majority of the money and do absolutely no real productive work. Because the goal of Capitalism is profit, owners have the only incentive that matters to them, to provide the lowest wages possible and keep the most amount of money (profit) for themselves.

Well this is just a test run on my new computer - hope it last as long as the last one comrades.

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