Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Ed Miliband and Labour MPs - Shame on them!"

Many people have sympathy with the socialist idea of a world of common ownership and free access to replace the present system of buying and selling, but then pronounce that such a transformation is a long way off and that in the meantime we must still aim for improvements within the framework of the existing system. 

They point to the changes that have already been made and have taken place in peoples lives since the nineteenth century. They point to the fact that in countries like Britain children no longer run around without shoes on their feet, no-one starves, medical facilities are available to all, everyone receives an education, and many people own things previously undreamed of - a car, a house perhaps, and a host of electrical gadgets. It is worth trying to get more of these improvements, they say, and the best way to do that is to press the government to improve conditions with reforms.

Legislative reforms may have helped to improve the conditions of life for wage and salary earners, but the main factor in this has been the struggle of workers in ‘trade unions’ to gain pay increases and improve conditions. 

The truth is that governments are not there to solve the problems of those who elect them, nor are they impartial. Governments are there to administer in the most smooth and efficient way possible a system whose whole economic mechanism is governed by the search for profits’ the last Labour government and the so-called socialist government in Greece, have proven that, as priority has been given to profits and the capitalist system. 

It is an absolute disgrace that the Labour leader Ed Miliband, has criticised the public sector workers strike all this week, when in fact he should be supporting them, and today did not even mention them at PMQs. But much worse than that is the revelation that Labour MPs would and can cross picket-lines - shame on them!”   

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