Saturday, 21 May 2011

Elliot Morley and I had no-part in his ruination!"

Friday morning was just like any other, got up turned the computer on looked at the world news then went onto my twitter account said the usual greetings ‘morning comrades all’. Then about mid-morning that news story that I had been waiting for weeks broke; former MP for Scunthorpe (my home town) and Minister Elliot Morley was jailed for 16 months for committing what was said to be the biggest fraud in the parliamentary expenses scandal.

The ex-Labour MP nibbled nobbled and carved-out for himself more than £31,000 for mortgage payments from the so-called public purse. Well I must admit that it would be wrong of me or anyone for that matter to gloat and dwell on with any sort of satisfaction at the downfall of the man, so I shall not be doing that now or at anytime.

But I cannot help wondering back in time; looking and chewing over my many dealings or rather clashes, clangourings and the frequent brushes I had with the man and his entourage of supporters in the Scunthorpe CLP leading up to and paving the way for Tony Blair and New Labour. Morley and his compadres and sidekicks had gained control of the CLP in the mid-to late 80s, they ran the local council of which Morley’s full-time paid assistant and adjunct general Ian Cawsey becoming Labour Leader and then Labour MP for an adjoining and bordering (lost the seat at the last election) constituency, and just to mention that Nic Dakin who replaced Morley at the last election as MP for the town was the CLP chair, all three New Labour men down to their toenails.

So what am I thinking of today, well just how back then I was reduced to ridicule, laughed at and generally put down for supporting and advocating socialist thoughts and principles which I had and have held dearly, affectionately and in a sincere and heartfelt manner for over 39 years now, never surrender was my motto and still is today and will always be, unlike Morley who came from Hull City Council with a reputation as a left-wing councillor worming, twisting his way into the seat and then taken-up the hollow New Labour baton.

I remember only to well Morley calling me an antiquated, obsolete and old-fashioned dinosaur and that the Labour Party had to a fault and would change. I organised meetings to support and retain clause four, at every given opportunity stood out and spoke out against the New Labour bandwagon, and furthermore I am proud to have done so even being in a minority has meant that today my conscience is clear.

In the end comrades, I left the Labour party I just could not stomach any more and went on a long journey, wondering along an independent socialist road, but stopping off first and starting up the Scunthorpe Socialist Labour Party, fielding a candidate against Morley in the 1997 general election which brought Blair and New Labour to power. I was at the election count that night in Scunthorpe old baths hall and will always remember the dirty looks that Morley gave me, but still I say this, I have no time to gloat and dwell on this man's fraud and downfall, for the biggest fraud of all has been New Labour and the complete desertion and abandonment of socialism, and of working people which has not and will not change under the current leadership, this is no time to feel bitter but a time to build with complete comfortableness, feeling no pain a new movement for real socialism and a better world – that fight continues comrades!  

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