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The Class War Junkies and Free-loaders

Truly inspirational was a letter published in yesterdays Morning Star, and brought to my attention by comrade Chris H who made a comment on yesterdays post on Class War which I will deal with latter, probably now in part 3 sorry about that comrades, but I really do like to explore all avenues of argument. But first let me start this post off with that letter reproduced here:

Whether or not you are anarchist, socialist, communist, Trotskyist, feminist, inside or outside the Labour Party, I don't care.
As long as we're all fighting and we try as much as we can to end capitalism and patriarchy, you are my comrade. 
We share one thing which is class consciousness. 
I can't pretend that my strategy is the best and I want to respect all those who try - even if differently. 
I have time for debate and confronting ideas but not to fight among ourselves on this. 
If I can't have success in my life, at least I hope that my struggles will benefit a little to those after me.
We won't have done all that for nothing. The ruling class is trying to make us feel hopeless and to live in fear. 
Most people have lost courage and motivation. 
We need to stop that. 
We need hope. 
Change is possible. 
Thierry Schaffhauser
President, GMB entertainment branch I50
(Sex workers)
Right across the globe people; in fact we are all truthfully living in very irregular and unpredictable times. And I say unpredictable times because quite clearly the established political system of world capitalism and its executive governments have exposed themselves as failing the majority and serving the interests of a small minority. Merriam-Webster named ‘Austerity’ as it’s Word of the Year in 2010, Austerity, the 14th century noun defined as "the quality or state of being austere" and "enforced or extreme economy".

Well ‘enforced and extreme’ are very good descriptions to describe the raping plundering and ruining, nay devastation and destruction that’s causing so much damage to peoples lives here and right around the world, and I really fear that the worst is yet come.

Scholarly persons, social and financial analysts are and have been warning that the draconian austerity measures currently being prepared and implemented by governments in the west will cause riots and even revolutions as people react with fury in response to their jobs, savings, basic public services, pensions and welfare as money is now being seized and appropriated by the financial terrorists who caused the economic collapse in the first place.

That is simply the tall and short of it all – we the majority who create all wealth in the first place, get the short pale yellow straw, whilst that minority who own and control the worlds wealth  live as normal, lofty in style overblown and grandiloquent as ever.

Just the other day an adventure playground for children set in a lovely park near where I live was closed down and the staff I presume made redundant, deemed surplus to requirements, they will not be the first or will they be the last. However it dose beg the question, why do our children have to suffer because of the greed and lust for money that led us all to this place a hell cakehole made by capitalism.

A couple of day’s ago I had an interesting and stimulating conversation with a comrade on Twitter, and I must say a really great comrade at that, but some of the things he was suggesting did not sound reasoned or right to me, so I attempted to put him as far as it was humanly possible and with the aide of my keyboard and computer right on one or two things, for instance he came out with an astonishing statement about ‘junkies and freeloaders’. I think that he was under the impression that he was paying to keep them, or at least that’s what I thought he meant and this accounted and amounted to a drain on money and resources. But of course drug addiction any addiction is a real problem in our society and especially for those addicted, but that is no excuse to condemn and lay blame or call people who are after all members of the working classes freeloaders – are we really in accordance with truth, fact and reality looking in the right direction, what about the bankers and the city spivs and do-nothings, not to mention the freeloaders in the House of Commons.

Just for the record, a little research and I have found that more people die from smoking and drinking which is as you know are all drugs legalised and sold in any mini-supermarket or shop near you.

Number of deaths England and Wales in 2003 and 2004

Cocaine            575
Amphetamine   384
Ecstasy 227
Solvents           246
Opiates (heroin, morphine & methadone)          4,976
Alcohol            25,000 - 200,000 approx.
Tobacco           half a million approx

If a drug is legal, that does not mean it is harmless. In the UK each year as I have said, cigarettes and alcohol kill more people than all the illegal drugs put together. I would like to look into drugs and there use in a future post.

But back to the job in hand which is looking at the class war and its progress particularly here in the UK. So let’s look at it this way; in 2006-2007 alone the number of billionaires in Britain grew from 54 to 68. Since 1997 the wealth of the richest 1,000 people in the UK has increased by 260 per cent, as compared with a national average of 120 per cent. One per cent of the population now controls 23 per cent of national wealth, while the bottom half of society controls six per cent. Even these figures understate the gulf between the super-rich and the rest of us, because 'wealth' includes the value of assets - in other words, house prices. But most people have funding their home purchases with hefty mortgages. The super-rich own their wealth; the rest of us have just borrowed it.  

When I think of these statistics I ask often the burning question what oh what is to be done, who specks for us in the so-called corroders of power and amongst the political mortals, and the answer that keeps coming back nobody.

To be continued…     

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Chris H said...

I thought you'd like that letter from Thierry Schaffhauser, seemed to echo a lot of what you seem to have been saying. His? sentiments are right though, time to look ahead to those that are the real enemy.

As to 'junkies and freeloaders' I think it's a shame that we sometimes give them such attention and look at them in such ways. Perhaps we are conditioned by the words of the right-wing media. At the end of the day though these 'junkies and freeloaders' are decoys that the establishment and media throw up to deflect the anger of the masses. How much easier their life becomes when they create this supposed 'enemy' in our midst. The real enemy lies in the boardrooms and the banks and the city and the corridors of establishment power.

And who does speak for us in the corridors of power? Very few and less as time goes on. There seems to be a trend towards professional politicians chosen from a very narrow demographic. We seem to be heading towards parliament of the people by a clique that consists of 'oxbridge' types. I do wonder how their life experiences can give them the empathy and love that's needed to be truly representative? And of course we see this 'oxbridge' element being vastly over represented in the positions of power and influence in current political parties. Any wonder normal people look upon the political process with disdain.

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