Saturday, 30 April 2011

The escalation of the class war being waged against the working classes.

Well there we have it; one Royal Wedding appropriated and carried off without any real problems for the authorities and the powers that be. Nothing really seriously occurred or was it ever planed in the first place, as it was indeed propagated and generally fanned-up by both the police and their friends in the media. However Police made 43 arrests during the royal wedding, as they battled to make sure Prince William and Catherine Middleton's big day went to plan.

A massive £20 million security operation swung into action in the capital in the hours before the prince and his bride exchanged vows at Westminster Abbey.

Police chiefs have confirmed 43 arrests were made as specialist teams cracked down on disruption. The detentions came for a number of alleged petty crimes, including three for being drunk in public and three for theft. Cops had expected a number of protests during the ceremony, but apart from several small peaceful demonstrations in Soho and Trafalgar Square, the wedding ceremony passed without incident. Today’s papers will be full of dribble about how lovely the bride was, and how fortunate the young Prince and his Bride were, not to have had a single drop of rain. There will be many photographs of the crowds of flag waving people, and whether they were tourists or not is another thing, but the crowds that lined the streets were not the usual working classes of old. It’s fair to say that the monarchy is in decline amongst the British people, and has been for the best part of the last 20 years.

Walking home on Thursday night I stopped to ask an elderly neighbour if he would be celebrating this wedding, and he promptly told me that he had given up on the royal’s years ago. However many others fall for all this buncombe about a young prince (blue blood knot aristocrat) and his commoner bride.

Alfie Meadows, 20, faces a charge of violent disorder.  

I could go on and on about my detestation for royalty but this event has now passed and thankfully glided us by. But there is something which is now emerging and that’s the steps taken and the lengths that the authorities have gone too, to prevent decent appearing on the London streets. The day before the wedding the Metropolitan Police announced they had made arrests and charged 16 students in regard to last Decembers student protests, amongst those charged and unbelievably was young Alfie Meadows. You may remember that Alfie was the student who had to have brain surgery after he was hit by a truncheon during the tuition fees protests in central London on 9 December is among 11 males aged between 15 and 25 charged in connection with violence at the event. Alfie fell unconscious on the way to hospital after being struck as he tried to leave an area outside Westminster Abbey (same venue as the royal wedding) during the protests. The incident has been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Police Officers it is being reported made at least three raids on Thursday morning at squatter sites connected with anarchist and environmental protest groups.  The latest step towards a police state that we seem to find ourselves living in, the police have used the occasion of this parasitical royal wedding as a kind of ‘combat’ and ‘covert’ military surgical operation to take into custody those that have the bottle and the gall to stand up and fight back. Special powers granted for the day meant that any pro-democracy activists attempting to demonstrate would be arrested and removed immediately.  Not only that, but the preceding week has seen police conducting raids on social centres and housing up and down the country, with “stolen goods” being cited as one of the reasons.

These developments are indeed worrying and should be seen as an escalation of the class war being waged against the working classes.   

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