Sunday, 6 February 2011

‘The Wright Way’

Well as they say and now for something completely different; well not exactly, but we do bring you something new and exciting in the class struggle being wage here on the Internet and in Cyberspace.

It is the duty of all socialists to use every opportunity given to promote the case and propagate to those amongst our own kind. The making of new socialists is far more important than running around shoving flyer's through letter boxes at times of ruling class and bourgeoisie elections.

It is a sad fact of life that many workers and ordinary people still buy into the concept that you can change society slowly, using a cautious slow strategy to wear down opposition; avoiding direct confrontation with the ruling class and the owners of the means of production.

The problem with this strategy is that nothing changes in favour of the working masses and the common people generally. Oh yes, there have been some gains only to be recouped and deducted latter on. I suppose the NHS service is one such example currently being raided and plundered into by the current government who if you remember told us it was safe in their hands; pull the other leg its got bells on it!” 

Well before I know it I’ll be on my soapbox and that’s not my intention in this early Sunday morning post, far from it comrades and dear friends or first time visitors. No instead I bring you news of a new exciting and informative 'Podcast' folks!”

Comrade Mark Wright who I’ve had the good fortune and great pleasure of following on Twitter from I think sometime last year, has gone to the great trouble of producing his very own 'Podcast'. Now until a few weeks ago I didn’t even know what a ‘Podcast’ was, but Mark put me right, and as he does on most things these days I find, and how out of touch am I with the advancing march of technology then?”

Anyhow Mark’s 'Podcast' really is a great contribution to socialist activity here on the Internet. Mark is quite a modest type of guy and he will tell you that these are early days of trial-and-error and with a few dummy runs now under his belt we expect great things to come from his ‘Podcast’.

Mark is a very regular blogger and his blog 'the way I see things' along with his activities on Twitter has given us the impression of a voyage, a journey of political discovery by a young man eager as mustard to change the world for the betterment of all, and in doing so he really makes a worthwhile contribution to Socialism.

So we say well done to '''Mark''' and thank you for helping to propagate the socialist case through your fantabulous 'Podcast' which I realise I haven’t announced the name of it as yet, its called 'The Wright Way' and you can visit it here for yourselves just by simply hitting on or rather clicking on to any of the texts highlighted in red…go on what are you waiting for.

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