Sunday, 6 February 2011

Will the ‘Great Satan’ get the elbow he deserves?”

The pace of political movement in Egypt seems to have stepped up a gear or two, in the last day or so it’s been reported and made known that talks or rather meetings have taken place between Vice President Suleiman and opposition groups. The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's largest opposition group, and Mohamed ElBaradei, the chosen spokesman of opposition anti-Mubarak groups, refused to attend. However this morning (Sunday) that changed, seemingly the Brotherhood have backtracked and met with Suleiman, it also seems that the US are actively involved in behind the scenes brokering and seeking to break the Revolution with a favourable outcome that suites their agenda and political interests in the region, which truth be told comes as no surprise.

Now 13 days into solid, substantial mass protests by thousands or pro-democracy supporters in Egypt, the question is, are we now beginning to see the opposition group’s climb-down and flirt with this repressive regime whom have run the country with a rod of iron for the last 30 years.

The big story on Saturday was the mass resignations of Mubarak and others from the ruling party NDP leadership including Mubarak’s hated and despised son. The role of the army is increasingly coming into question now and whilst it’s been strongly rumoured of meetings and dialog with US officials have taken place, and when you consider that the reality on the ground is the US remain the military’s pay masters, they the military are in recite of billions and billions worth of dollars, and would the top Generals be willing to give up a very comfortable lucrative way of life many of whom own hotels and other business that have made them some of the richest military leaders in the world.  

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, speaking at a defence conference in Munich, urged opposition leaders not to reject talks out of hand and warned that the alternative could be a takeover by radicals; this is a typical scare tactic that has been increasingly employed by the west just as they say they are fighting a war against terrorism in other ports of the Middle East.

And what about the US envoy who said that the only way forward in transition was to keep Mubarak in place as the president. This was no accident or a personal statement but a position that we think the US are working out with the regime. Think about it, they would not get away with moving Suleiman sideways into the presidency or even anyone else to fill the grandiose and powerful post. They would like to keep much of the constitution as possible, but maybe with a few changes here and there a few conscienceless concessions to give the appended appearance of democracy to the pro-democracy protesters.

Some opposition figures interpreted Clinton’s comments as a step back from President Obama's call Tuesday for Mubarak to begin a transition from power "now."

"If the message coming now from Washington is that Mubarak can continue and his head of intelligence will lead the change, this may send the completely wrong message to the Egyptian people hence the meetings," ElBaradei said in an interview on Saturday night: 

Suleiman served as Mubarak's intelligence chief for two decades before being named vice president as the crisis unfolded last week.

The exchange illustrated the delicacy of the U.S. position in the crisis. It was also the latest indication of the difficulty the administration has encountered in trying to guide the fast-moving events in Egypt towards a resolution that meets what Obama has called the legitimate reform demands of the protesters while not appearing to abruptly jettison a long-standing ally, but will their own position and aims in the region become exposed by the opposition or are they pushing to hard and will this backfire on them, will the ‘Great Satan’ get the elbow he deserves?” 

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