Monday, 14 February 2011

Scotland Yard pay out £117,000 to G20 demonstrators

Tonight’s London Evening (free) Standard reported that Scotland Yard has paid out more than £100,000 in compensation to protesters who they manhandle, beat-up and generally used violence on; brutal acts as of thugs, when policing the G20 demonstrations held in London two years ago.

The police victims have claimed that they were assaulted, falsely (kettled) imprisoned by Metropolitan Police Officers. The largest payout was awarded to photographer David Hoffman, 64, who was violently smashed in the face with a shield, resulting in four fractured teeth.

This was the demonstration you will remember in which innocent bystander Ian Tomlinson was killed after Pc Simon Harwood hit him with a baton.

In an interview Mr Hoffman told the Daily Mirror: “the police can just toss cash to people who complain but officers who caused this have walked free.”

A Met spokesman said: “The decision to settle does not imply that the officers involved have done (joke) wrong. Each case is considered on its merits”.

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