Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Free Edward Woollard

Hot on the heals as they say, of our last post, in regard to British Police brutality and the 2009 G20 demonstration held here in London. We bring you further news and information about young Edward Woollard who you will recall was incarcerated, that’s put behind bars and at ‘Her Majesties’ pleasure, following the November students demonstration and the Millbank invasion.

Thanks very much to fellow blogger 'Socialist' for sending us the latest news about Edward and a new website that’s been set-up by his family and friends giving much comforting support to Edward who never expected in his wildest dreams to find himself today doing "penal servitude" for a moment of madness, which being well documented, reported and relayed, he sincerely regrets. More about that latter but first we have copied and pasted underneath a report carried by the ‘Counterfire’ website and you can read the full article with full information by hitting on continue.         

Edward Woollard

Edward Woollard’s family and friends have today launched a website, Support 4 Ed Woollard after receiving an “overwhelming” number of messages of support for the 18-year-old student serving a “disproportionate” 32-month sentence for violent disorder.

“We hope that by setting up this website we can keep everyone up-to-date with how Ed is doing, provide a space for people to leave a message of support and a way of contacting him,” said Tania Garwood, Edward’s mum...CONTINUE

Now as it happened, and also yesterday our blog received a comment to a post which we did about Edward a while back and you can read it HERE.

It is our policy to publish all comments sent to us, whether we agree or disagree, and providing they are of course not homophobic, racist or in anyway abusive. We are not in the business of forcing our views and ideas on anyone, we merely and nothing more, wish to stimulate and propagate the case for socialism and as we see it. And in times of struggle afford whatever support we can to our fellow workers, which by the bye, all students are in persona albeit in training.

Anyway coming back to the comment, it was sent by an anonymous individual, who for obvious reasons wishes to hide behind anonymity, which under normal circumstances we don’t have a problem with usually. However in this case you may agree with us after reading the comment, that anonymity really is a cowardly enactment?” 
“The sentence was not harsh enough, the thug and that is all he is, should have been charged with attempted murder and banged up for 5 years at least. Students are the foundation of our society, the makings of Woollard would see those foundations crack, he deserves all he gets and more!” 
Finally; and yes we have given this commenter some prominence, even though his excrescence merits no real repetition or duplicate, but only by doing so can we expose the sad bigotry and sick dogmatism that has a grip on some poor unfortunates, they are not somebodies but rather nobodies and nonentities.

Decent caring human beings, understand that we all make mistakes, particularly when we are younger, and who hasn’t, still no-one was hurt and this 18-year-old student is serving a “disproportionate” 32-month sentence.

“Experience is the name every one gives to their mistakes.”  Oscar Wilde 

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Chris H said...

Wonder if your Mr Angry commenter would apply the same standards of justice and sentencing to the behaviour and actions of a number of the constabulary during the recent student protests. Not forgetting of course the G20 where taxpayers money was used to buy 'justice'.

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