Saturday, 5 February 2011

Egypt Music Poetry and Revolution

Thanks to Al Jazeera and for many things. I think especially the superb coverage of unfolding events in Egypt, which I am sure you know that their news bureau in Cairo has been shutdown and journalists have been arrested, beaten-up and equipment confiscated and stolen by the Mubarak police.

And yet they still manage to bring the world news that the Mubarak regime would rather us the world not see or hear, so let’s give credit where credit is due.

Now watching Al Jazeera for the last two or so weeks has given me a better picture and characterisation of the Egyptian people, and what comes across very vividly and strong is this is a people who love life and celebrate it in many different ways, they have and enjoy humour, this was reflected in something I read the other day, and it also says a great deal about the unity of Egyptians when a protester said “we don’t mind poverty so long as we endure it together”.

I am also discovering that Egyptians are poetic and that music flows from the arteries of their soul’s full of feeling and emotion. Just to prove a point I recently stumbled across these two wonderful YouTube videos, although truth be told thanks really to Al Jazeera.

The first video gives you a feel of yesterday’s festive atmosphere in Tahrir Square during ‘the day of departure demonstration’. It shows protesters, led by a guitar and an unknown singer leading the crowd in song along the lines “All of us…One demand: Leave, leave, leave…Down with Hosni Mubarak …The people want to topple…He leaves, we’re not leaving”.  

And the second, well the energy of youth and especially when you are only 5 years old and leading a million strong demonstration in El Iskandriyah or better know to us as Alexandria.


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