Friday, 4 February 2011

Egypt and Revolution in the Air!"

There was nothing spontaneous about the pro-Mubarak attacks upon the peaceful protesters gathered and occupying now for over ten days Tahrir Square the heartbeat of the Egyptian Revolution which is demanding the end of Hosni Mubarak’s repressive, draconian and authoritarian regime.

I expect that many people all around the world were horrified at the violent scene's of peaceful protesters being attacked by what we now know were thugs, state police and prisoners released from prison on condition that they participate in these crimes, of course there were others recruited or lured by the terrible temptation of doing it for money, people were offered 50 Egyptian pounds to carry pro-Mubarak placards.  

Many public sector workers were reportedly instructed (forced) to join in. CNN reporters were told by workers from the national petrochemical company that they had been ordered onto the streets. Some who joined the mob were bussed into Cairo from the countryside. I watched attentively but impotently, hopelessly unable to help-out as I watched in frustration the violent coverage on the live stream provided by Al Jazeera. And every night for the last few days as I snuggled up into a warm bed here in London and thousands of miles away from Egypt. I had great difficulty drifting off to sleep, just thinking how cold it was in Cairo the national capital, and how these pro-democracy demonstrators camped out in Tahrir Square faced the new danger of death for what they truly beloved and believed, a free and democratic Egypt that should unfeignedly belong to them.

During the past two days 13 Egyptians have been killed and over 1,500 injured defending but nonetheless, respectfully of them I say holding Tahrir Square; our thoughts and prayers should be with their families and friends; their unselfish sacrifice and forfeit should never be forgotten and the rallying call to take the Revolution onto ultimate victory. That is a very easy, even a comfortable statement to articulate from someone looking in form another part of the world, but we on this blog consider their Revolution to be the start of an axial motion by people all over the globe including in Europe. For if anything what now is being magnified and hyperbolised beyond the bounds of truth is the reality, the role of governments as agents of world capitalism in the ordering of all our lives, whether we live in Egypt, the US or even here in the UK.

What is in fact happening and occurring not just in Egypt, for let’s not forget the catalyst for this Revolution was indeed the Tunisian uprising, but the world has also seen activists in Yemen, Jordan, Algeria and even Albania take to the streets demanding democratic reforms in their countries. Now most countries in the Middle East and Africa are vulnerable including Nigeria, so, is revolution in the air?

Do you remember President George W Bush and our own now very ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair, if you recall and not so long ago, they told us that the ultimate aim in invading places like Iraq and Afghanistan was the conversion of these and similar nations to democracy. Because making the world democratic was, supposedly, the only way in the end to make them friendly towards us and therefore keep us all safe and secure. The problem, of course, is that even if democracy is a good thing, which we will argue that capitalist democracy is not, thrusting it down somebody's throat at gun and bomb-point is highly likely to make them choke - simply because someone is shoving it down their throat, and the world becomes that much more of an unsafe place than before.

We believe that the only peace that counts, is the peace that can be brought about by workers and the multitude of billions of ordinary people who together inhabit this world, and only by sharing its precious resources and doing things completely differently to what they are now, will there-ever be peace, an absence of war and a civilised world society. There are many who mock such ideas, they may even call them Utopian or aspiring to impracticable perfection in order to put them down, what we say to them is this - Don’t worry it's hard to get the big picture when you have such a small screen.

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