Friday, 11 February 2011

Awe-inspiring people of Egypt

Today, in the midst of a global crisis of the capitalist system, profoundly impacting on all capitalist countries, and like a flour-mill grinding the living standards of many into a fine powder whilst a world-wide offensive is underway against all working classes. What we see or read about Egypt and the fight for freedom and democracy is a class action and a reaction to that world crisis. We are living through some very extraordinary times, beyond what is ordinary or usual.

No one would have forecast or predicted, what is now being played out in the cities and major towns of Egypt at this time last year; in fact it would be fair to say the unimaginable nightmare of Revolution has taken the Egyptian ruling class by the back side of the neck, and after years of fear and repression now demanding more than just the mere crumbs of existence and an end to the containment and servant's existence forced upon the multitude of the great unwashed and pure of hart.

Egypt always conjures up in my mind the many biblical tales of long a go, the great pyramids built by slave labour, camels, an endless sea of deserts and that film ‘Riders of the lost Ark’ which I remember I did enjoy so much when it first came out, call me a schoolboy and a wazzock if you like.

The recent events still unfolding in Egypt have taken away my breath, and yesterday was no exception, and what a nail biting day it was. Tuning in to Al Jazeera whenever I could I was astounded at the bombastic and rhetorical attitude of the regime. For three weeks the people have been demanding change and with each passing day the numbers on the streets have been swelling like an incoming tidal wave showing no preindication of receding or drawing back, and still Mubarak intends to cling on to power, quite unbelievable really.

In a state-televised address, relayed to hundreds of thousands of enraged protesters in the capital's Tahrir Square, the embattled dictator signalled his intent to cling to power. His announcement sparked scenes of fury among the Egyptian people last night, with protesters in central Cairo waving their shoes in contempt and shouting: "Leave, leave, leave."

So today Friday the protesters have called for the biggest assembly of people yet 20 million. In this somewhat quick post we pray and send our solidarity to you the people of Egypt you are absolutely awe-inspiring!” 

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