Saturday, 1 January 2011

Tories are the mortal enemies to a free and universal health service

David Cameron said that the NHS was safe in his hands during the general election campaign that he ran last year; and was anyone really taken-in by his completely obvious blatant and vociferous spin, or put it another way lies and prevarications.

Swine Flu, which is now griping the nation and taken-away lives, is testifying evidence which says the Tories are the mortal enemies to a free and universal health service, despite anything they say. Eight months into government and the signs suggest serious grounds on which to be concerned about the future of the NHS.

It is by no means an accident that the government has been only to willing to move at a snails-pace to save life, as deaths and serious illness caused by the disease continued to soar. Latest figures show that the number of cases with the flu in intensive care, has risen to 738, a 60 per cent rise in a week. The total is now four times higher than the peak during last year’s pandemic and international evidence suggests that 10 to 15 per cent of those in intensive care may die, implying around 100 further deaths.  

Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary has been giving the public misleading information in the attempt one can only presume that his department saves on expenditure during the cold snap that has seen an explosion in the occurrence of new cases. Official figures show 39 people had died from flu up to 30 December, 36 of them from swine flu. All but one was under 65 and at least 15 were "healthy" with no risk factors. Of the total, 11 were children under 15, including four under five.  


Anonymous said...

This is down to Tory ideology the people have been hood winked by the Tory’s, I fear that with the media’s right wing stance the truth will never be told and the public will only take the media and the Tory‘s lairs as factual the, sad thing about this is the Lib/Dem party they are supposed to represent the people that voted for them but even they are going down there ideological path and doing deals with the Tory’s to get there Liberal agenda through Parliament even if it is not for the good of the country at this time do people understand it will be very hard to reverse the decisions that are being forced on the country under the farce of the deficit yes we have a deficit but every country has one and we are not in denial that it must be reduced but there is other ways .

Norbert said...

Thanks for your comment comrade!"

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