Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A Question

Here we are a couple of days into the start of a new year and more or less the beginning of a new decade, I have not contributed anything to The Socialist Way for some time, my friend and comrade Norbert has been doing very well without my input, but still I feel I need to apologise to all the readers of this blog. In this day and age, all of us that are concerned with the plight of the human race have a duty to step forward and try to put right the things we believe to be wrong.

First, I would like to wish everybody All the Best of luck in this New Year, I am sorry to have to say, I think we are all going to need as much luck as we can get today as it seems that we are at the start of a new embryonic stage in the evolution of mankind; the politicians of the world are leading us all into a downward spiral, the majority of us are going to have to pay a very high price for the mistakes and greed of the ruling and controlling minority. 

Some years ago I remember watching an interview on TV, an ex-German soldier was explaining his roll in one of the concentration camps; one of his duties was to activate and drop in the gas canisters that was to kill the men woman and children that were all naked and waiting for what they believed was to be a shower, his story was very horrific in all it’s aspects, after some time the large doors were opened and a bulldozer with a blade on the front was seen pushing out the bodies, what came before the bodies was all the urine, the bodies covered in excrement but his statement that followed was the most horrific of all, he told the story of each humans struggle for survival, he told of each time those doors were opened the strongest and fittest was always at the top of the pile of dead bodies, then the women, and the children at the bottom, they had all been climbing on the top of each other to reach the air vent.

This is a true story I am conveying it to you, and I hope you understand where I am trying to take you, and I have a question to ask; of you all that read and remember this story; there would have been many individuals playing there part in this story, were would you have fitted in with this horror, and more so what are you going to do about it?

By: Brain Hopper or In the Box

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kc1411 said...

One answer to this NEVER AGAIN and for my part I'll continue smashing the BNP/ EDL and any other nazi that comes along.

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