Friday, 14 January 2011

Oldham and East Saddleworth First Thoughts

The first by-election result since the coming into power and the formation of what is described and depicted in some quarters, and not at all a simple fraction, as Britain’s only peacetime coalition was announced in the early hours of this morning. The Oldham and East Saddleworth by-election handed Labour a victory in terms that they continue to represent the people of Oldham and East Saddleworth and hold this parliamentary seat in the House of Commons, despite the disgrace and unfrocking of their former representative and one time government minister Phil Woolas who was found to have breached the Representation of the People Act 1983 in the course of the 2010 general election and disqualified from office.

Many political pundits on both the left and right of conventional politics will read undoubtedly whatever they want into this result and then spin their take on the outcome, they always do and nothing will change that for the time being, and already we can see that the Lib Dems are laying claim that for them the sky didn’t full in, and Labour or rather the Ed Miliband team are interpreting the result as a welcome boost for the Labour leader. Miliband has been facing criticism lately of having failed to harness mounting public anger over tuition fees, VAT, bankers' bonuses and the savage cuts in spending postulated by the Coalition's aggressive deficit-reduction plan. As for the Tory leader Cameron and his great plan, well he walks a very clever and if you like type rope, trying to keep in power with the help of his bedfellows and class collaborationists the Lib Dems which is a little too much to stomach for some breadbasket-set and full-on right wing Tories of the old school, but thus far Cameron has kept them in line, for how much longer remains to be seen

What we read into the result here on The Socialist Way is simply pronounced and best described as nothing really, the real winners and those who hold a majority in Oldham and East Saddleworth which is a really nice name, are those many voters who didn’t bother participating, and that’s as we understand it, to be more than half of those who were registered to vote and didn’t, and you could add to that many more who have even given up registration which is fast becoming a growing trend in modern Britain.

Turnout 48.06%

Labour 14.718 = 42.1%

Lib Dem 11,160 = 31.9%

Tories 4.481 =12.8%

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