Friday, 21 January 2011

I have a conspiracy theory about this government

I was very interested but not surprised to learn that Retail sales suffered their worst December on record after a sharp fall in sales of food and fuel due to harsh weather and rising prices, which official data has revelled today.

The media and the politicians increasing talk up an economic recovery, saying that the country is out of recession in fact they have been pronouncing that a turnaround has been taking place for at least the last two years. A CBI survey last month had suggested that retail sales were rising at their fastest pace since 2002 in the first part of December. Subsequent surveys and sales figures from other individual retailers suggest this was not the case. I don’t take any notice when I don’t feel or see an improvement in the circumstances of many who are really struggling to make ends meet and just survive, and indeed survival is the operative word these days.

So you're sitting at home tuned in to the six o’clock news, about to get stuck into a dish of Hungarian goulash made from the week’s leftovers, and the news reader waffles on in an uninteresting, boring monologist manner about retail sales, food, fuel, rising prices and a harsh winter. Well you couldn’t hold it against anybody feeling inclined to thrust the goulash at the goggle box, but they don’t because a new one now costs an arm and a leg, what with hike in VAT and all.

It’s strange, and I’m not by the way suggesting a new conspiracy theory, but it makes me wonder when I read that the Met Office told the cabinet office and the government to expect a very cold winter, and then informed the public that winter was expected to be mild. In fact the Met Office knew that Britain was facing an early and exceptionally cold winter but failed to warn the public and in doing so hampering preparations for some of the coldest weather on record, and I also remember reading the tragic story of an old married couple who went out in the snow to get coal for the fire then keeled over and died.

A Brass Monkey of a winter then, and the Met told the government but they didn’t share it with us why? I don’t think we will ever find-out or get the answer to that somehow, we all know that the Met Office famously and relatively recently has got its forecasts wrong, but this is not about getting it right or wrong but about secrets. Think about it and the government austerity cuts, programs and whatever, and think about the interests of those that this bunch of morons of subnormal intelligence serve, and who they look after not us, did they suppress the information because they knew that those who supply domestic fuel had announced a massive hike that would come into force in and during the coldest winter month; they knew that VAT was going up after Christmas, and did they think that a poor seasonal showing at the shops would hit their economic plans, not to even mention the preparations that should have been in place to deal with swine flu. Just remember the government were told at the end of October highlighting the risk of a cold start to the winter".                         

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