Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Edward Woollard

Edward Woollard the young 19 year old student who threw the fire extinguisher off the roof of Tory Party headquarters in Millbank was yesterday sentenced and jailed for more than two and a half years, and after the judge praised his distraught mother for handing him in.

In fact his mother didn’t hand him in, she persuaded him to go to the local police station, as the best course of action when film and still photographs emerged and started to circulate in the media and on the internet that clearly identified Woollard as hurling the extinguisher, under these circumstances what would any parent do who wanted to protect their children, and what could they do, this can only be considered a very hard and difficult question unless you find yourself in that position as the loving parent.

Woolard frightened and panic-stricken confessed to his mother that he had thrown the extinguisher during the student’s anti-tuition fees protests held in November, and he turned to the one person that he knew he could trust his mother, and under the graveness of a situation whipped-up into a frenzy by the media, she gave her son what she thought was the best advise, and no-one can really find fault with that.

I find and indeed very much feel that the sentence handed dawn to Edward Woollard was harsh and totally disproportionate in his case. I also feel that Woolard has been made an example of here, in an attempted to discourage young people from protesting and forcing parents to exercise control on behalf of a state that is forcing through political change that will hurt the life chances and opportunities of many young people. Before I go on any further into my arguments hitherto, just let me make it clear that what Woollard propelled on that day, was bloody stupid and very unintelligent, but then again this young lad is no pudding head in fact his mother says that Edward is a loving, caring, gentle man. So what happened that day was very much out of character for Woollard, a young pumped up and over exited man, who made a mistake that he knows was his worst idea, which in turn has now become his very own real life experience of a nightmare, here again his mothers’ words speck volumes: 

“He just sat there and said, ‘it was me mum, I'm sorry.’ He was beside himself but relieved. I said why? What happened? I collapsed. I couldn't believe it and still can’t.”

So here we have a young man, who made a massive mistake and a mother who one can only feel for and both struggling to carry a can of worms not of their making really, and when you put it into real prospective then you must surly agree had the older politicians of an old decrepit, worn and broken down generation, and in particular the Lib Dems not made promises and told a younger generation a pack of lies would Edward Woollard be where he is today?” 

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