Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Cards on the table

We all saw the Oldham and East Saddelworth By-Election results in the Media, with all the parties reporting and spinning the spider’s web of what they thought it meant.

I will lay my cards on the table face up. When it comes to today’s Politics and its Politicians I don't really give a blessed damn anymore, who does what, and further more looking at the percentage turn out, the people of Oldham and Saddleworth didn't either.

In my opinion, none of them are fit for purpose and people have said as much over the years, ‘they are all the same’, or ‘there all in it for what they can get out of it’.

This has never been more the case then it is today; the last two decades has definitely brought to light the character and loyalty of those in control, they have all sold out for profit the system and self gain, sod the country, sod the workers, I'm all right Jack!”

My heart really sank into my boots when Rolls Royce was sold out, and everything of any value or profit has been sold to foreign companies, and just like what may happen to the Post Office shortly, and the biggest sell out of all was Tony Blair and the Labour Party in 1997

The working classes were misinformed and lead to believe they were on to a winner, things can only get better they said, and what a joke. In their first months in power the price of petrol went through the roof, from 305pence per gallon in 1997 to 323pence in 1998, with 83% in taxation this being the highest percentage rate in motoring history. This was an attack on us all with fixed incomes; New Labour has done the working classes no favours at all. The big problem is that we are all being forced into playing the game against a stacked deck, everything that modern day societies need, we have to pay the price for, so those needs and our hands are tied, fuel, food, energy bills and VAT, all on the up and the bankers bonuses. This Blog wrote some time ago about broken Britain, how true, but let's not fool ourselves, the system has totally broken down, and if this was a car we would be in the scrap yard.  

Post By: Brian Hopper or In the Box


Chris H said...

Me too!

I now see that Mandelson is lined up for a job in an investment bank.

First he takes the King's shilling with this pretentious 'Lord' crap and now he's shown in whose pocket he's been all along.

At least the Tories have an honesty about who they represent. The LibDems will say and do anything to get in power and the Labour Party say one thing yet always intend to sell the working class down the river.

Our system of democracy is shot. Those in Parliament represent themselves, the establishment and capital. Even when so called left-wingers and 'socialists' get to Parliament they seem to waste no time ingratiating themselves into the system and forgetting their roots and those who support them. One or two exceptions yes, but only one or two.

Sad to say I don't see Parliament as the solution, but part of the problem.

Rant over.

Malcolm said...

It's a truism that Parliament will never be the means by which socialism, or any kind of equitable society, can be established - indeed the whole capitalist apparatus is antipathetic to fairness. This purportedly democratic system seems destined to control us, via the dictatorship of business and media moguls, as well as the armed and police forces, for a considerable time yet.

Having said that, I did rejoin the Labour Party last year, not under an illusion that they will bring about any kind of anti-capitalist change but, in the vain hope that they may be restored to a party prepared to proclaim the aims of clause 4 part 4, and move (albeit only marginally) towards its enactment. One can but dream!

What I've always found even more upsetting than the Labour Party's betrayal of the very people who established the original Labour Representation Committee, is the constant factional bickering between cadres of sundry revolutionary socialist groupings. (I have to admit that I wasted a fair amount of my younger years inadvertently entangled in the resulting schismatics).

Norbert said...

Thank you both comrades Chris & Malcolm.

We are in agreement with both your posts, and yes we feel that Parliament is part of the problem and that more and more people are coming to see that, and they are not your seasoned politico but ordinary and average working people, stay at home and not bother voting gives it away.

"Those in Parliament represent themselves, the establishment and capital."

Very good point!"

"(I have to admit that I wasted a fair amount of my younger years inadvertently entangled in the resulting schismatics)."

We are all guilty of that comrade, and it's those experiences that we must take into the emerging new movement and make it clear we're not having any more of it. #solidarity and #unity the two wards that have been tweeted hundreds and tens of hundreds of times this last 3 months!"

Brian and Jim

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