Sunday, 5 December 2010

Clare Solomon debates...

Clare Solomon is the president of University of London students, and has recently come to public prominence through the students fight against the government plans to increase tuition fees, here she debates with Tory MP and apparently former pirate DJ Roger Gale better known these days for the protuberance of his belly!"

Clare is very articulate with her words and expression of argument, and although I may not agree with all her politics, she really is sharp and good in debate and here is a good example of her in full fighting flow with Rodger Gale on the Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 2 last month just after the Millbank Tower demonstration, see what you think?"



Chris H said...

I think that if Claire continues in that vein then it wouldn't surprise me if the 'establishment' tried to make her one of their own and blunt her passion

Norbert said...

Could happen Chris!"

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