Thursday, 30 December 2010

A Christmas spent in bed

This post is somewhat of a miracle really; and when I think, that my entire Christmas was spent in bed suffering from the man-made influenza known as swine flu; well then, I think that very much brings into perspective a modern life in an ever pocket-size world, where man’s actions of development in the pursuit of profits has developed illnesses to match his greed.    

Figures released last week showed the number of people in intensive care in England with confirmed or suspected flu had risen to 460, up from 182 the week before.
So far this season, 27 people have died from flu - 24 of those from swine flu.
Despite criticism, the Government decided not to vaccinate under fives, or run an annual flu jab advertising campaign, claiming neither would be effective.
Officials also claimed the flu outbreak is no worse than expected during winter.

But I can’t help thinking about the 41-year-old Worcester lorry driver fighting for his life in hospital after catching swine flu.
Gary Prodger is critically ill on a life support machine in London after being transferred from the Worcestershire Royal Hospital. And if that’s not bad enough, then please spare a thought for all the young children who have fought and lost out to this acute febrile and highly contagious viral disease, and no amount of money should be spared or held back in the treatment of our sick, including our children, its bad enough that there are children with scurvy in Islington [north London], that’s a disease that should only exist in 18th century stories.”    

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