Saturday, 11 December 2010

The animals of the metropolitan police...

I have been unable to fined words in recent days; words to describe the appalling brutal and unrelenting police operation carried out on Thursday of this week, the day our elected representatives’ voted to increase the cost of higher education to students in this country as a consequence of austerity designed and contrived  to save the backside of capitalism as the dominating and ruling economic system under which we all have to live.

Alfie Meadows, 20, a student at Middlesex University, suffered bleeding to the brain after being batoned by police during the tuition fees protest in London that day.

Alfie was hit on the head as he tried to leave the Westminster Abbey area after being “kettled” there by police along with thousands of others including yours truly. Kettling the police tactic of surrounding and penning in protesters in small areas for hours on end without access to food, drink or toilet facilities, amounts to the forced imprisonment of demonstrators in a human cage without due process.   “The surface wound that I have been unable to fined words in recent days; words to describe the appalling Alfie sustained wasn't very big, but three hours after the blow he suffered bleeding to the brain,” Alfie’s’ mother told the BBC. “Basically, he had a stroke last night. He couldn't speak or move his hand.”  

When I think about it this young man who is as old as my own son, and have to say I am absolutely appalled that a potentially life threatening injury is not being treated as attempted murder, well no surprises there then!”

And I agree with Michael Chessum, a co-founder of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, when he said the violence in Thursday's protests "overwhelmingly came from the police".

Then there is the media hysteria wiped up in regard to the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall (former mistress) on their way to the Royal Variety Performance and being caught up in the student protests. This incidents miner in comparison was more impotent to the media than Alfie Meadows who had to undergo hours of very delicate life saving surgery. The details of the incident are going to be investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. But I would not hope for much from them if recent form is anything to go on.

A total of 43 protesters and six police officers were taken to hospital for injuries sustained which specks volumes. The police are out of control or are being allowed to beat up indiscriminately young peaceful protesters, shame on them!”

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