Friday, 31 December 2010




This post which is started on the eve of New Year, will we hope, appear and materialise on the blog in the first moments in which time passes from the old to the new, when millions around the world welcome in those first symbolic chimes of bells and gongs, which mark the worlds transition and the passage from one year to the next.

We don’t have a custom established to mark this momentous occasion and aren’t proposing to establish one ether. But would like to pause and acknowledge the fact that we enter the New Year as we left the old, put plainly, capitalism is in deep crises, and is fighting as an economic system for its very survival.

The crises of capitalism is not confined to one country alone, it is global and it’s answer the world over is that working people will be made to pay the full price for it’s many failings, unemployment, homeliness and hunger now stalk the world.

The banks and the bankers have been bailed out; done with money earmarked for those services that we all fought for to improve the quality of life, a health and welfare service, an education system to provide opportunity and skill on an even playing field now shot full of holes by a government that has no mandate.

The Con-Dem coalition government is stripping away all the advances made by working people over the last hundred years. But there is resistance; and thanks be to the new movement, the new movement that has sprung-up throughout the land, a movement without leaders, and the government begins now to look shaky and divided, despite its precarious alliance made in hell.  

If there is one thing of goodness that comes out of last year, then it is the birth of the new movement, and it must be the work of that new movement in the New Year to take the fight forward and resist every attack on public services and every grab by private profiteers.

If there is one thing we must all insist on, and then let it be that people should come before profit in all things!”

Happy New Year and see you on the Streets!”

Jim Lawrie and Brian Hopper


Malcolm said...

The Fight back has only just begun - let's hope the new year brings with it a fresh momentum!

Norbert said...


This has the feel of a year to remember about it, even at it's start!"

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