Friday, 26 November 2010

Universities are factories occupy them!"

When it comes to fighting cuts and the proposed increase to the tuition fee’s then the students, our students simply stand above all else; that’s head and shoulders high. For in the short space of two weeks they have done more to expose the real vindictive and ideological agenda pertaining to the bogie and evil sprite of this Tory government and their sidekicks the Lib Dems united in a coalition engaging and waging a class war of shear hatred complete and without restriction against the majority of the population of this country. They are assisted by the full propaganda machine of the media, and in particular that large conglomerate owned and controlled by the media mongrel Keith Rupert Murdoch and his News Corporation, and not then so much a free press that some conjecture. 

So I very much agree with the veteran Labour MP who described demonstrations against the planned rise in tuition fees at England's universities as "marvellous".

"As far as Wednesday demonstration is concerned it was marvellous and gives a lead to others to follow." 25 November 2010 backbench Labour MP David Winnick 

So all of a sudden, education, students and schoolchildren are in the news, and for all the reasons the establishment and the government would rather not see spread across newspapers, and I’m not referring to the so-called violence that this free press historically bedevils about like it were confetti on a festive occasion. The reporting and converge on the last two occasions of student protests have been nothing short than an absolute disgrace, there has been no investigative journalism, no looking at the case from the view of students and their grievances, concerns or point of perspective. No, instead we have had waxy saturated fatty acid vilification and wholesale like of our young people, as if they the press are in partnership with government, hey, excuse me but hold on, then again when you think about it Rupert Murdoch bunched up and formed close friendships and alliances with both Margret Thatcher and Tony Blair.

I don’t really think I have to say much more here about the backside licking that our so-called free press have been engaged with, and the trollop, the very promiscuous and disreputable, selective and single attack they have waged against the students and our young people in general.

Now Wednesday, and as you will all know by now, our students unperturbed from a negative press of two weeks ago staged a national walkout and occupation of some major universities around the country, in addition this national day of action which included a stroll uptown into Whitehall staged by up to 9,000 students and they included and were joined by school pupils from around the capital. Please notice that I preferred to use the term pupils, because I find the term children and such words or expression otherwise to be very demeaning and degrading towards a generation of young people who clearly understand what’s going on around them, and age or whether they are still at school has nothing whatsoever (quite rightly) to do with what they feel strongly about and is at stake here, simply their future. Society as we know it rewards freethinkers and dissenters including young people by systematic vilification and ridicule, and in this case calling them children in a derogatory and disparaging fashion finely and deliberately exercised, carried out and practice by the press and politicians, the élite alike.

And so as I’ve just been told on Twitter and rightly so by a comrade that: The function of media (owned by millionaires) is to shape how we think!”

Something to chew on, well think on!”

The last 48 hours has been like visiting 'Heaven' the abode of God and the angels; in attendance at the Whitehall Demonstration with the youth the cream of working class society, was a real joy to behold and treasure, and I will for the rest of my life. I am just absolutely astounded, the experiences for an old hand like myself was humbling, not only had thousands of young people taken the time to and troubled themselves to descend into the lions lair, a real habitation of wild animals, but faced the creatures of the Metropolitan police, workers who had turned their backs on their own class. The first sight that greeted my arrival was a line of about 100 police officers sweeping through Trafalgar Square, but there was no one there only tourists and four young sisters carrying a home made banner which read: Universities are factories occupy them’. 

It is true that many protesters that I saw had their school uniforms on, but so did the police (a failing school), and their weaponry the implements of war to be used if needed in this class war, backed up by the mounted cavalry of police. I think you must get by now the mental images and the seen I paint, a provocative situation in which the protesters did well to keep their cool refrained. I witnessed no violence perpetuated or bore onto the police, but witnessed much pushing and lashing out on their part, as if they were out for revenge. However the atmosphere was great and unity shone all around reflecting that casting light that the tide could just be changing in our favour, time will only tell and the only certainty that I now know is that these young people, this generation may be the key to change. I do hope so. However we all have to play our part in support and solidarity, very, very important is that!" 

If I have time I will write more about the demonstration and the ongoing campaign they the students are continuing to put up over the next few days. In addition I hope to be able to put up a guest post from one of the students involved at the UCL occupation.  

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