Sunday, 7 November 2010

Newham: They say cut back we say fight back!"

On Saturday four comrades, set-up pitch armed with leaflets and a petition, the first attentive steps were taken to raise the whole horror of cuts with an indifferent and apathetic public, having said that it was encouraging to have met many who knew the significance and impact that these cuts will have on all our lives; refreshing and optimistic I felt coming away after just two hours work.

I met some very concerned, angry and interesting people on ‘Stratford’ streets, young and old alike drawn to our stall by posters spelling out what the capitalist crisis and them cuts will mean in the hard reality of the scalpel employed in the Con Dems bloody dissection without pain killers, general or local anaesthetic agent, and the result will be anaesthesia, the loss of bodily sensation without the loss of consciousness.

The leaflets that we handed-out spelt it out, the direction and the mighty campaign we must build: “There is only one must – for us to unite against a system that blames children, the elderly, the unemployed, overseas worker, the sick and disabled, working men and women. All will be sacrifices to the interests of capitalist profit making. Millions of people must join the fight back and what they must fight for is socialism together with working class and anti-imperialist movements all over the world which will put a stop to the capitalists and their apologist. Workers of the world unite! We have nothing to lose but our chains! We have a world to win!”

On Thursday past, we had our second Newham meeting against the cuts, twenty two comrades from local government and the voluntary sector involved in community projects agreed to set-up Save Newham Services a report can be read Here on the Random Blowe blog. Since the meeting I have developed some concerns, about the dance step, pace, the rate of moving (especially walking or running) that this campaign has set itself at the moment and is taken, hopefully I’m proven wrong in the weeks that lie ahead, and having said that no blame is directed towards anyone, for at least we have some movement in Newham. It’s down to us all to up the anti in our community, and a start was made, a very good start made on Saturday.

The millionaires who lead the government, backed by the business elite, have wasted no time in putting together their plan to attack the living standards and community services of the working class. The details of the cuts have been widely reported, totalling £81 billion a massive £7bn cut in welfare spending whilst Vodafone is allowed to avoid its £6bn Tax bill.

The enslaving of our class is to intensify, retirement age will rise, and cuts in higher education and council spending are all backed by a ruthless propaganda campaign in the capitalist press. No time is to be wasted; we must build and use every day, take every given opportunity to spread the word No to Cuts!                         

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