Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Death's head the poppy...

It’s that time of year yet again; it soon comes around, and I speck of that which some believe is a respectful event and cycle; that appeal to the nation and mounted for funds; by the Royal British Legion.

Supermarket’s this week will be full of them sellers, we all know the type; little old ladies, boy scouts, girl guides, oh yes, sea and army cadets all training to be pathfinders, and then, them ex-service personnel; who make up the ranks of the Legion. There is no explanation for them type. I think they are brainsick, drawn and quartered by the system of obedience, which is instilled during soldiery training. This training taught them not to think for themselves!”

Need I say more, the poppy appeal is a real load of bollix!”

If by any chance or stretch of the imagination, you are now beginning to think that I’m sounding and vocalising the song of a war cynic? Well then you wouldn’t be wrong, but much, much more than that!” And I make no apology for that, and without causing I hope, any intended offence or umbrage to the families, relatives and friends of the millions who have lost their lives in wars and conflict.

I’m not the fount of knowledge, but I know something of the pain and hurt after losing a loved member of the family as a result of war; you never forget or recover from the horror of it all, and it lingers on down through the years, passed on down to the next generation, seemingly time is not the great healer that they said it was!”

So at this time of the year, and on this humble blog, it has become a tradition I do suppose! To wright a post against war whilst remembering my own grandfather; who unwillingly was made to fight on the German side during the Second World War. I remember him, although I have never had the opportunity, or rather was ‘deprived’ would really be a much better description of not being able to have met each other in our own natural (nature’s physical world permitting) life time, his life shortened by the barbaric horror that is war. I tell you there is nothing more grater in proof and an evident fact, that ‘war’ is an unhinged act, of an unhinged minority who run and control world capitalism: and let’s not forget that it’s us, we the workers, the vast majority who ‘by and the large’ are the one’s killed, relatively (astronomical) and ostentatiously in large numbers!”

So I put his (my grandfather) portrait up, his likeness taken, copied from an old ID photograph, and hung for over 40 years on the living room wall of my grandmother’s home, until she passed on by, in the fullness of her own life!

And of course there will be those, I am sure, who will say that this post is still disrespectful, and view it nothing more than like a drunk who utters obscenities and profanities. But this is not a drunk stumbling around in the dark trying to get the key into the front door after a night out at the “local” British Legion.

A few days ago, whilst I was checking over the site meter of this blog, I noticed we had a hit, a visitor from would you believe it!” well, Hiroshima …!”  Humbled; by the mere thought that someone had hit-on this blog from this location of mass murder; that was committed with the weapons of mass destruction and murder, that are in the control of the unhinged!”

The bombings against the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki will stand for evermore, as the worst atrocities, shockingly cruel and inhumane, and committed in the interests of western capital’s domination and place in the world, and by those unhinged few!”

However what I’m really thinking about is the poppy-appeal, and why I will not be supporting it!"

The Royal British Legion is designed to support and promote the capitalist glories of war. The Legion is run and organised by ex-officers, seniority, defines leadership with all it’s royal approval.

The British Legion was founded in 1921 as allegedly, the voice for the ex-Service community, but get this Earl Haig, commander of the Battle of the Somme and Passchendaele was one of the founders of the Legion, and was its President until his death.

The opening day of the Battle of Somme on 1 July 1916 saw the British Army suffer the worst one-day combat losses in its history.

However when you consider with nearly 60,000 casualties on it's first day, the Somme was one of the bloodiest horrors and campaign that Earl Haig led, but please also consider this; because of the composition of the British Army a volunteer force with many battalions comprising of men from specific local areas, these losses had a profound social impact and have given the battle a lasting cultural legacy in Britain.

From the very beginning with the appointment of Haig, and into a leading position, defined its role in the great scheme of things!”

There’s been much in the news this year about the poppy-appeal, publicity about TV presenters and their guests wearing poppies early, and then it comes out that they don’t actually pay for them, the poppies are provided by the props and make-up department. You really do have to think this over, and see the Legion for what it is, and led by the same officer cast that led and lost millions.

I think a white-poppy to be a more appropriate symbol of remembrance, rather that the blood red. Now I recently discovered that in Canada, there is the Royal Canadian Legion, an exported copy of our own. Running along similar lines, and officer led of course!

Now the Legion over there is mulling whether to launch a lawsuit if groups in Prince Edward Island and Ontario do not stop handing out white poppies ahead of Remembrance Day.

On the East Coast, an organization called the Island Peace Committee has been handing out white poppies, which are supposed to represent peaceful conflict resolution. The Ottawa Poppy Coalition has been distributing them in Ottawa.

But the Legion has taken issue with the campaign, calling it an insult to veterans and a possible breach of copyright.

"It's simply a trademark issue," said Legion spokesperson Bob Butt. "We own the trademark on the poppy."   

Well I never, the symbol, the poppy a trademark!”  I think the red poppy is the symbolic representation of War!"

Brief History of the Poppy Appeal  

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