Thursday, 11 November 2010

Class War is not of our making!"

Keeping a blog is  time consuming I think, and can be a labour of love and commitment. From one day to the next, you don’t really know what you will be writing about next, and a political journal is even the more demanding, trying to bring clarity with relevance, can keep you awake at night.

This is one such night!”

I have a long mental list of subject matter that I intend writing about, but recently I have found those events, the news, and the word on the street dictates content.

Since the general election and the installation of this so-called coalition, there has been no shortage and much materiel to write about, not a shortage, but an absolute avalanche, a masses slide of snow, ice and mud down a mountainside.

Let me give a small example of what I mean; take this week in question. On Sunday the press and media were very busy reporting in advance that plans have been drawn up and ready to make the long term unemployed work for their benefits. Then on Tuesday the press are reporting that Teachers pay and sickness records are to be published, then of course yesterday students in there tens of thousands marched in London against government attacks on what is left (very little) of a free universal education system, latter on the same day and after much vacuous spitefulness sprayed in the direction of our students it’s back to attracting the unemployed and downtrodden, and the forevermore Tory supporting daily Telegraph leading the charge.

And are these not charged up times?”

Everyday brings a new attack, only six months into a new government that has seen the return of the rotten Tories; propped-up by an equally rotten word breaking Liberal Democrats - we see the head office of the Tory party attacked and smashed, the police struggling to control the situation but still lashing out with their assortments of many different batons and truncheons.

Over 50,000 people brought Westminster to a standstill with a peaceful march past Parliament to protest against the proposal to increase tuition fees to up to £9,000 a year.

Is there a class war going on?” 

Photographs: Storming Tory HQ Millbank Tower in London 10 November  

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Chris H said...

And yet how many papers report on the tax benefits that the bosses rely upon to make them rich. Socialism for the rich they call it.

Throw in what you write about the attacks on the working class, a lack of truth in the media, a Parliamentary system geared up to maintain the status quo, a justice system that defends the state and punishes the working man and woman, and is it any wonder we see the frustration we saw yesterday and in previous years?

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