Tuesday, 16 November 2010

“Cameron 'slept on The Mall' for Charlie & Di's nuptials?

Well there we have it, and at long last, and in time of political unease and possibly turning in months to unrest in the country at large. Today it’s been officially announced that William (Prince) Windsor and 28-year-old Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, are betrothed; and cor-blimey governor; never thought it was going to happen, but then again think on!”

It’s no accident is it? That we have what I think is becoming, and is going to become in many peoples eyes, and mark my words here please; quite quickly, one of the most unpopular and only peace time coalition governments ever engaged in shoving down all our throats, a reprehensible and condemnable package of austerity, forced as always onto the poor and most venerable in order that capitalism in the world may continue on the gravy train of exploitation and robbery that have made Kate Middleton’s family and others like them millionaires.

Today’s announcement has all the haul marks of Déjà vu, and I am indicating that this is not a new phenomenon; a royal wedding happens to be planed at such a time of political turmoil is no ascendant friends!"

Take a trip back, back to 1981 and yes the year that William’s own Mama and Papa tied that royal knot. Margret (milk snatcher) Thatcher had been in office for three years, unemployment and industrial tensions were just begging to thrust there tattooed mark on the population. That mark materialised a few years latter in the great strike of British miners, and the class struggle waged by many of us who were around at that time, even television captured the ambiance of those times with classic programmes, a mixture of comedy and drama immortalised in Auf Wiedersehen Pet and Boys from the Blackstuff.

I’m thinking about writing a post about politics and comedy very soon, but in the meantime lets get back on to the thread and say that this royal wedding must be a god-send to Cameron and the coalition, it comes at a time when they will be looking towards the flag waving country of hope and glory bigots (sorry but true), to divide and rule, the wedding in short is a diversion and I really don’t have that much more to say about it, only that I had to laugh at Cameron today when he said that on the evening of the marriage of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer which was on 29 July 1981. He Cameron’ slept out the night on the Mall, well what do you think, a tall story or what?

Personally I think he did, and I wrote and posted this on twitter today: “Cameron on the eve of the 1981 royal wed, spent the night on the Mall, smoking ganja, drinking beer and running a general mock with his best mate George' - Thirty or so years on; nothing changed except they now run the country or so they think!"

But the better comment was this from another twitter:

“Cameron 'slept on The Mall' for Charlie & Di's nuptials? Huh - bet he used some homeless people as a mattress.”me homeless people as a mattress.


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