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The American Elections' Results: Capitalism Cruel, Callus, Barbarous and Savage

Sarah Palin or Olive

The world of capitalism is cruel, callus, barbarous and savage. Just one good look around and you can sure as shooting see that, the only problem is many block it out from their minds, and are conditioned to do so; and so the truth being, that poverty, starvation, homeliness and unemployment under capitalism, well, it will never be fixed.

Putting together that which is torn or broken will never happen, and there will never be peace on earth!

Only under capitalism you understand!”

I find American politics bewildering at the best of times, a bizarre crazy arrangement that ensures a Democrat or Republican administration every time. The conventions, primary elections, caucuses and now a Tea Party?”   

Two parties, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, have dominated American politics since the American Civil War, although other parties have also existed but never winning anything like national support, and third parties have the least political influence on the national stage. Most, but not all Americans buy into or have any illusions in the political shuffle between the two dominating parties of capitalism. There are many cleverly designed aspects built over the years that impregnate many minds, and fill them with nationalistic nonsense such as the American Dream or the All American’ - the latter term originally used in reference to a list of college football players who were regarded as the best at their respective positions. The United States Army 82nd Airborne Division was given the nickname "All-American" because its members came from all 48 U.S. states which, at that time, constituted the United States.

And then there is the actor John Wain who said:  True patriotism is a lot more than getting a lump in your throat when the flag passes by. It involves determination on your part to see that America remains free. It involves your willingness to put the best interest of our country ahead of your own self interest. Individual interest may be important, but the art of democracy is the ability to recognize the common good and the ability to give, not just to take. There are 231 million people out there today that can pull our nation together or pull it apart. Which way did you pull today?

Do you now catch my meaning?”

President Andrew Jackson (1829-1837) it is said; to be widely credited with having democratised (their meaning) American politics. Reforms initiated about that time led to party conventions taking over as the vehicle for the selection of presidential candidates. Each state sends delegate, mostly pledged to vote for a particular candidate although some are uncommitted. In fact this was not as successful as had been hoped. Control of state delegates fell into the hands of the party bosses, the most notorious of whom there were those who ran Tammany Hall, the HQ of the Democrats in New York. This put into a key position another class of professional politicians who expected and received patronage from political hopefuls whose path to power they smoothed. A major reason for the advance of the primary system was that it struck a blow at these state bosses. The primary system varies from state to state, with a number still mandating their delegates through the party caucus. Others hold closed primaries where the voter is required to register as a member of the party before voting. Some have open primaries where the voter selects the primary ballot for and then can choose candidates from that list only. In a few, however, the names of all candidates from all parties are printed on the ballot and the voter can cross party lines. This gives the process the trappings of democracy.

So that’s a brief description and picture of how politics and its process works in America, there is of course one other aspect to this and that’s the billions of dollars that are poured into the coffers of given candidates, the big money, rained in like cats and dogs from the very wealthy and the supper corporations with their vested interests in supporting or stopping a particular candidate, this in its own right is worthy of a post on it own, I can only just touch on it here but one thing is for sure and that’s money or the lack of it kills the American Dream, that a child born in poverty can rise to be one day the President, is akin to believing in the tooth ferry!”   

Turning our attention to this week’s mid-term election, best described and represented in words as an electoral debacle that is a devastating indictment on the Obama administration and the Democratic Party. Two years after an overpowering victory in the presidential election, four years after the Republicans lost control of both the House and the Senate; the right-wing policies of the Democrats have created the conditions for a massive comeback by the Republicans. The corporate-controlled media and the representatives of the two big business parties are already proclaiming that the outcome of the election demonstrates that the American people have shifted to the right, embracing the “free market” nostrums of the Republican Party and the right-wing Tea Party movement. The Tea Party movement will be the subject of a separate post coming very soon as its intervention in this election had a significant and very worrying impact.

The collapse of support for the Democrats was the product of two years of betrayal of illusions promoted in the 2008 campaign. The Democratic victories in 2006 and 2008 were fueled by popular hostility to the Bush administration’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama appealed to these sentiments in order to get elected, but once in office he continued the same militarist policies, even keeping on Pentagon chief Robert Gates and General David Petraeus, and pouring another 70,000 troops into Afghanistan.    

These facts can not be erased or ignored; the Tea Party movement played them affectedly, be under no misapprehension about that; but I would like to put more meat on the bones as I say in a separate post.

Coming out of this election, Obama will renew the drive towards bipartisanship with which he began his administration, going out of his way from the moment of his election to rehabilitate a completely discredited Republican Party. All the “compromises” that he proposes will amount to acceptance of Republican demands for deeper reductions in social spending as well as further tax cuts and other concessions to corporate interests.  

I finish this post as I started it and repeat; capitalism is cruel, callus, barbarous and savage and today’s Americans will learn that soon enough!”            

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